Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Randomosity (aka catch up!)

Well friends, the last time I left you, THIRTEEN DAYS AGO, I was about to partake in a colossal consignment sale. And partake I did! I got a few Christmas toys, and way too many cute outfits for the upcoming colder months! It was a major success. I don't know how (cough, cough LG) people take pictures  of all their loot and make an album, but that wasn't happening. Mainly because I was about 2/3 of the way through the pile, taking off tags and safety pins and hangers, then realized it. Also, because I had a lot of stuff and am lazy. And that's not how I wanted to spend my naptime hours. Anywho, I scored good deals and returned home.

We are not traveling until Thanksgiving. Yay! I love going to see people and do other things, but it is SO tiring to pack up yourself and the munchkins, get to where you're going with minimal tears from all involved, then watch the kids transform into loons wherever you go. Cause they all do. So, we are hanging at the homestead for awhile.

That's not to say we don't have a lot of fun things planned locally! We've already done the pumpkin patch, went to see some really cool waterfall by the patch, we are going to a cook off this weekend, and I have the return of my beloved book club bee-otches to look forward to! We have also started back to church after a wee hiatus of um, about 8 months. Maybe more.

So, what have we been doing? Well, the kiddos both started school! They are in a Christian dayschool complete with weekly chapel, music classes, lots of arts and crafts, and Bible. Yay! Emma goes three days and Harrison goes two days. It is a wonderful four hours per day for me to focus on grocery shopping (alone!), cleaning house (without people in it!) and just getting things done that I've been meaning to do for...........3 years.

I am a mom fail because I didn't take a first day picture-because obviously we were running late. And we had no cute chalkboard holding to say, "First Day of Pre-School" or whatever.

There are no naps at school. It's from 9-1. This has proven interesting for Harrison, who looks like a zombie when I pick him up. If I hustle, I can make it home quickly and put him down, stat. Emma has also developed a lovely attitude after pick up, thinking she can do whatever she wants. So we are working on that. On the days that Harrison is with me alone (Wednesday), we go run errands, come home and play, eat lunch together, and just have us time. Because we have never had that! It is super fun, but he really misses Emma and the first week he walked around calling for her. Didn't want to play with me!

I am also back to normal person functions in that I shower every other day, actually fix my hair each day, and apply make up. Because I don't want to be seen in carpool line looking like a grubworm. Ha! So this is good for me, too. Needed to step up my "care of self" thing. Next step is to find some clothes that are not yoga pants and tee shirts since I don't do yoga.

I hooked up with some new Scentsy at a church bazaar (no shipping, what what!) and got some new fall scents: pumpkin roll, some cinnamon and cloves thing, and Christmas cottage. Can't wait for all the yummy good smells!

My sister is now a contributor at Poop Whisperer. If you don't read her already, you should. She's pretty freaking funny.

I really want to try some new K-cup flavors, but I'm too scared to buy a whole box. Maybe a visit to the online site to build my own flavor box is in order??

I'm starting to make my master Christmas spreadsheet detailing gifts. It's awesome and I'm excited.  I'm also trying to think of a few things I want, because I know I'm going to have to tell the parentals something.

I feel like there is more stuff that I wanted to update you guys on, but now I can't think of it. Harrison is up from nap, so peace be with!