Monday, September 14, 2009

Menu Monday

Well, I am going to try and join the Menu Monday crusade started by Mrs. Newlywed. Check her out if you haven't already-she rocks! This week is sketchy-we may have some people bringing food over, so I am just planning light. I am ready to be back in my kitchen full time and get some cooking done! I have lots of new recipes I want to try-that is the good thing about sitting on my a** all day watching Food Network. However, my refrigerator is PITIFUL since my colleagues are still bringing us food-it basically has just drinks and condiments in it. Sad, I know. I will have to restock that bad boy ASAP. So, without further ado, here is my menu.

Monday-Ravioli, salad with ranch dressing
Wednesday-Subs, chips
Thursday-Spicy Bean Burritos, chips/salsa
Friday-Leslie's Jambalaya Pasta, salad with ranch dressing
Saturday-Date Night (in laws in town)
Sunday-Real Meatballs and Spaghetti (the "last supper" before crackdown), salad with ranch dressing

Now, this is the last week that people are bringing food, and if you remember my post about THE LAST FIVE POUNDS (plus the 20 from before-yeah...) then you will know I am about to crack some a** on the diet front. I've had success with the Sonoma Diet, and am going to be doing that SOMEWHAT-I say that in all caps because I am really leaning towards Weight Watchers as well. I need some info from some of you who have done it-how did you start? Did you join online or do it in person? I know b.e.g. had success with it, and Mrs. Classic too. Maybe they will share some insight. (Hint, hint-email me ladies-or comment-what to do, what to do). :D I do follow Mrs. Classic's other blog Weight Watchers Changed My Life. I could go back through her archives for some tips. OK girls, let me hear from you! I need your help!


  1. I joined it online, if you're able to access the computer often then it's super-easy. I was also, over time, able to memorize the number of points in certian foods and would build my lunchbox for the day around those points. Like, for example, my oatmeal (3), my apple (1), my peach (1), my dried plums (1), my yogurt (1), my Amy's soup (3-5), my vita muffin (1), and then I would know how many points I had leftover for dinner and dessert. It was pretty easy if you eat a lot of fruits and veggies because a serving of them typically is one point. I'll shoot you an email!

  2. You have some rad menu planning skills. I think you should be planning my meals since you don't have a job this week. Anything that doesn't involve an oven would be great since mine seems to be broken these days. Those Barefoot meatballs sound great. Let me know. I have a veggie salad of hers that I want to try out the next time we get together. Let me know how those 5+ lbs go. I have about 10 more I would like to drop.

  3. mmmmmmmmhmmmmmmmmmmmm
    i need fooooooooooood


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