Monday, September 21, 2009

So this is what $125 will get you...

Here is a view of the pantry, refrigerator and freezer after my trip to Walmart-it is inspiring me to eat smaller, healthier meals! I spent $125 and have breakfast, lunch, and dinner for Sunday through Friday. Plus I got a lot of Weight Watchers snacks and replenished the fridge-y'all, it was bare!

And, because everyone needs a little cuteness in their day, here is the Princess asleep on Daddy's chest.


  1. I love seeing people's fridges and pantries!

    && Call the wahmbulance for me because I want 125 dollars to go that far for me and I want a cute, brown-haired baby!

  2. who cares about the fridge and pantry???
    just show the princess!!!

  3. I really do enjoy a full fridge and pantry, although i am unsure if i have ever witnessed it.... ;-)

  4. HA!! She looks just like you!!!! So sweet.

  5. I am laughing my arse off. Your rantings on boobs and pains on you last available nerve. Hilarious! I could read this shizzle all day. I miss ya!


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