Thursday, September 3, 2009

DeQuervain's Tendonitis-say what?

So, ever since Emma was born, I have had this AWFUL pain in my left wrist-it just "happened" one night when I went to pick her up in the middle of the night from her bassinet. Anyway, I had finally had enough, and made an appt to see an orthopaedist. Today was my appt, and apparently I have DeQuervain's Tendonitis-srsly? Upon googling it, (worst idea ever when something is wrong with you) I learn that lots of NEW MOTHERS get it from doing repetitive things like PICKING UP THE INFANT. OK, what the crap? I know tons of people who are new moms and obviously they pick their kids up, and they are not having some wrist issue. Gah-I also had really bad carpal tunnel about 5 weeks before delivery, so that probably "helped" this get started since it's all about swelling and inflammation. So, after learning that I have this DQ tendonitis, the doc recommends some stuff. 1.) Wear this heinous brace that HURTS-because I can't move my wrist. 2.) Cortisone shot IN THE FRIGGIN SPOT THAT HURTS. 3.) Surgery if that doesn't work.

Yikes~so I get the braces (yes, plural-I'll explain shortly), and then get the MOTHER OF ALL SHOTS in my tender tendon-it almost hurt as bad as labor-srsly-it hurt SOOOO bad-shooting CORTISONE in my boo boo. And I can take some shots and poking with needles (thanks, Lupus). Now, braces/plural: yesterday morning my right wrist was a little sore when I woke up, so he thinks that one is headed down the same road as my left wrist. Hmmm. Thanks body, I appreciate all you are doing for me, especially while I try to care for my infant. Swell.

Has anyone ever heard of this, have this, or have any tips/advice for me? And apparently you can spell tendonitis two ways-like that or like this-tendinitis. Alright, school dismissed.


  1. My right wrist would have a sharp pain every once in a while if I turned it just right it was very painful. It happened for about a month and I never went to the doctor because I thought it was just nothing since I had aches and pains all over after carrying a 10 pound baby around and being so swollen. Maybe I had what your doctor diagnosed you with. I really forgot about that pain until I read your email. Fun stuff you go through during and after pregnancy!


  2. I think a big hug from your mommy would make it all better!! I cannot wait!!!

  3. I just added you to my blog - thank you for your kind words today!

    And as a stark contrast, I have no advice for your tendonitis! I just hope it feels better soon, pain is kind of a pain in the ass.

  4. Ouch.... Sounds painful. I hope you start to feel better soon.

  5. So sorry Sus! The Tigers undoubtedly made you feel better yesterday though! War Eagle! ;-)

  6. Hi Sus,
    I'm not a doctor but I don't think a splint or brace should hurt. If the brace causes more pain, it's likely not the right fit. You could try to see a "certified hand therapist" (=CHT). They specialize in hand issues and know more about the different types of braces that are available than most doctors. To find a hand therapist near you, check out the link on our "About Us" page:
    www dot 3pointproducts dot com.
    All the best.

  7. i had some lovely tendonitis in my knees while training. it killed. ice def helped alot. maybe try icing and ib. prof.


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