Thursday, September 17, 2009

Divine Consign Trunk Show

So, my friend Nicole has a little boy, Jackson who is A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E.-he is Emma's future boyfriend-they even look alike. If I had a digital picture of him, I would post it and you would all want your little girls to marry him. He is that cute. Anyway, she always has him in the cutest smocked outfits and when I asked her WHERE she was getting all of these cute clothes, she revealed her secret-Divine Consign! So, I looked it up and they were coming to Buckhead! I called my hoochie Emily and enlisted her help-I was taking the infant and it was in BUCKHEAD-people from ATL know that means utter chaos on just about any day. The store was off Piedmont and Peachtree-yikes a mil. Of course it has been pouring in Atlanta for the past 3 days, and today was no exception.

We met at the Cafe at Pharr (holy cow-delish chicken salad!) and got our energy up. Next, we ventured out to the show. It was not as big as I expected, but when we walked in, there were rows and rows and racks and racks of precious SMOCKED kids' clothing. Most southern girls are ALL over smocked clothing-for boys or girls. And you can bet when I have my next kid, if it's a boy, he's wearing bubble suits, longalls, etc. Presh-

However, I digress. We immediately started busting through those racks, looking for the best deals. Nothing was over $35. I start hanging things on Emma's sling (as she slept inside) and pretty soon, it was sagging open. I had to take a time out and sort though stuff that I wanted and stuff that I would actually purchase. Check out my goods below. I spent $102. All items were new with tags still on.

Precious Auburn Day Gown $19
Size 0-3 months

Adorable Christmas Bubble Suit $35
Size 3 months

Girlie Orange Dress with shoes and purses $29
Size 3 months

Lime Green and Lavender Toile Dress $19
Size 12 months

After our jaunt to the consignment show, we went to Old Navy, because who doesn't love cheap cute clothes for less! The baby onesies were 2/$10. I got these three.

So, Miss Emma has some new clothing. I can't wait to put these smocked dresses on her. I need to break in some of the 23 dresses my mom smocked for my sister and I-she saved them all and gave them to me when I had Emma. Sooo cute!

And, for your viewing pleasure because I know the grandparents cannot live without a daily picture of their love muffin here is the Princess (as Nonnie calls her).

Um, I was didn't tell me you were ready!

Happy almost Friday!


  1. Love the smocked stuff! Smocked clothing is the most awesome thing ever! Can't wait til I have little ones to dress up! I love smocked stuff for boys too and most of my friends look at me like I am crazy! Well they will just have to keep looking then!

  2. Why did i have to scroll forevers to comment on this one? GREAT POST. I love all your outfits, i mean that is awesome for such a good price! Was it a mad house? The Christmas one or the Auburn ones were my fav. I am proud of your thrifty shoppings!


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