Monday, August 22, 2011


The day before Emma's birthday, I asked Jason to stop and get a small grocery store cake for us to have on her actual birthday.

He went to the store after work and got this cookie cake monstrosity. :)

Emma was blown away.

 I absolutely love this picture! Look at her sweet face!

Starting out with a fork.

And all manners are out the window-go for it with your hands, girl!

Haha! Looks like she is saying, "Now hold on just a minute!"

We had such a fun little family birthday cake eating time!

PS-we did have some PINK poop the next few days. I guess it's the HOT PINK lard icing. All I know is, I fuh-reaked out and thought Emma was bleeding internally, then mentally recalled what she had eaten the day before. Oh yeah, pink cake icing.................. :)


  1. She is precious! Can't wait to hear about all the birthday and vacation festivities - miss you!

  2. LOL PINK poop! ha that is crazy! Cute little pictures! I miss her!

  3. Hahaha! This reminds me of the time I thought the cat was pooping blood. Then I remembered--I busted her eating red flower petals earlier that day.


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