Saturday, September 10, 2011

Decade of thankfulness

It's been a decade since one of our nation's worst terrorist attacks. It's been a decade that I am thankful for our nation's security. It's been a decade that I am still scared of something equally as horrifying happening again.

Where were you? What were you doing?

I was a graduate student at Auburn University. My mom called me that morning-early-for me-and had me convinced that the world was ending. "Are you okay? Turn on the TV, now!!"

I stumbled out of bed, turned on the news, and started bawling/freaking out. I called my then college boyfriend (HUGE doucher) to come over so we could wig together. I wanted to drive home to Birmingham so bad, but I was terrified of leaving and having something else happen while I was in route.

Obviously, all classes were cancelled indefinitely, and everything was closed. We wandered around campus just talking and later picked up a university newspaper with the horrific images of the towers on front.

I still have that newspaper, tucked away in my keepsake box. It still makes me cry to see it. This is our generation's Pearl Harbor. I hope this is our last truly devastating event, but I know better.

I hope you remember to be thankful for everything, especially today. I know I should work on being thankful, and I'm grateful that I have that chance.

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  1. Every year the emotions come flooding back. It's amazing how those memories are burned into your brain and you can recall them like it just happened.


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