Sunday, September 25, 2011

Nashville Play Time

Last weekend I took the children to Nashville to play with friends and family, as well as shop a few hundred consignment sales. Bestie is a master shopper, and she had lined up our weekend with loads of sales! I got all of the children's clothing for fall and winter for $237! And that was including a few toys! Special thanks to my MIL for giving me money to buy the kids' clothing! Very generous!

On Friday, we shopped it up! No pics of this extravaganza. Sufficed to say, Laura and I were ready to get heavily wasted by the time we got home. The kids' chorus of crying was enough to drive anyone over the edge.

On Saturday, we watched the Auburn game and got the kiddos all dressed up in their Auburn gear. Here are a few pictures of them being precious.

 Emma and Fenner Bear. Who Emma called Peebs all weekend. 

 Peebs love!


 Riding in Peeb's car


Swinging with Uncle Erik!

 Cornhole-Emma was obsessed!

Hanging with her great grannie Annie!

On Sunday we went to the Titans tailgate and to play with Grannie Annie. We all had a blast!

Thanks, Laura, Erik and Peebs for hosting us and our craziness. Atl and the guest room are waiting on you to come over and play!!

We had a blast!


  1. The Auburn ensembles are so precious! Looks like you had fun!!

  2. Such a fun weekend! Great to see you guys!! :)

  3. haha, that's hilar. J is obsessed with cornhole too. He calls it corn on the cob. We were playing with friends yesterday and he would run to the our end, sit on the board while we threw, then run to the opposite end and sit while they threw. he did that the whole time. In his rainboots of course. Duh!

  4. Ooh I need to know what consignment stores you all found! We live right outside of Nashville and the best I've seen is Once Upon a Child in Antioch!

  5. OH my goodness.. love the little outfits! Thats so awesome about the sales... I always love me some good bargain shopping!

  6. I already miss those little bunnies ( and your constant cooking! ) COME BACK! WE need to have an ATL trip soon so Present can hang out too

  7. Aww both Peebs and Emmabear look so happy - miss your face!



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