Monday, September 19, 2011

Timeline of my night

3:30 Harrison wakes up rarin to go. I put him in bed with me and pray he falls back to sleep.

4:04 Not happening. Get the bottle I made before bed.

4:30 Finish bottle. Look around and coo.

5:00 I "mummify" him in the swaddle and start rocking.

5:23 He falls asleep. I lay him back in his bed and his eyes fly open. I cry and walk away.

5:26 Emma starts coughing and moving around. Awesome. Gonna be a long day driving back to Atl.

Never leaving town again.

Dear buddy,
WTF? You've been sleeping through the night for almost 5 weeks. Go back to that, stat. Momma can't take it!

Dear Emma,
What's up with your sleep? You're two. Sleep past 5:30 when we are out of town (or at all times.)

Thank you and I love you both.

The end.

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Love ya all!


  1. Should have called me. I was up too and my newborn isn't even here yet. I'm terrified now. Why can't kids just sleep. I may hurt someone.


  2. Aww, I'm sorry. That's so hard. I now fully understand the plight of the sleep deprived mama.

  3. I sorry girl, I hate hearing that you're not sleeping much still!

    Love & miss you!

  4. Oh Lord have mercy that sucks.

    Love, Captain Obvious


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