Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday Sayings

OK, so it's time for Sunday Sayings! This one is pretty easy. Rules are the same: 1)Tell me which character(s) said it, and 2)Tell me which movie it is from. Winners are randomly chosen (as in some weeks we have them, some weeks we don't). We haven't had one for 2 weeks now, soooo..... :D

Two quotes: Choose one or both to answer. They are from the same movie, but said by two different characters.

Leave a comment if you think you know the answer! Good Luck!

Character 1 to Character 2: "I don't have 1/10th of the bod required to fill out this stupid dress."

Character 2 to Character 1: "Well, I was going to tell you something, but...."

Character 1 to Character 2: "What?"

Character 2 to Character 1: "My brother paid a buck to see your underwear last night."

Who is having this conversation? I love it! Muahahaha!


  1. I feel like this is from American Pie? But I don't know.

  2. This is either sixteen candles or pretty in pink!!!!

  3. Ok, def 16 candles.. I just made an executive decision...

  4. Yeah, I totally don't know what this one is so that leads me to believe it's from 16 candles since I've never seen that movie.


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