Sunday, November 22, 2009

Zumba vs. Body Pump

Okay, maybe it's just me, but Zumba, really? I went yesterday with some friends of mine who are pretty advanced in Zumba, and had fun but was a total tool in the moves department. Since posting about this on Facebook, I have gotten lots of comments on how you "just have to give it a chance," etc, but srsly? It would take me about 10 classes to learn the moves to "feel the burn" and to feel good enough about calling that a workout. Because y'all, what I did yesterday was not a workout. I mean, I felt it and all, but a workout-no. I was too busy looking the fool and swinging my non Spanish self to beats I had never heard. I kept stopping and staring at the instructor's feet. I have no Latin rhythm. None. Ain't happening. I wish I had it on video-I can't even shake my hips right! And it's official that I need a friggin sports bra (not the nursing sleep bra I currently am rocking). Because my boobs almost knocked me out. It was pretty awful.

So Zumba vs. Body Pump below:

Zumba-hilarious and fun
Body Pump-serious and fun
Zumba-need rhythm
Body Pump-need weights
Zumba-need coordination
Body Pump-no coordination required
Zumba-your idiocy is displayed for all to see (IN MIRRORS!)
Body Pump-your idiocy is confined to your small space
Zumba-took a lot of breaks and didn't feel like I really did much
Body Pump-pretty much kicks my ass and we get no breaks

So, Zumba, sorry to say we will probably not get along. I will give you one more "college try." But I am pretty much in love with Body Pump.

Who else has tried Zumba and can offer some advice?


  1. I have done both (but admittedly I have only been to Zumba once). I will have to say that Body Pump toned me very fast, but I think Zumba MIGHT be able to compete in number of calories burned. I thought I was going to DIE at the end of Zumba, but I went with a bunch of my high school aged dancers so I felt much pressure to keep up and "perform" AND it was my first exercise class ever after I had MA, so I think I pushed myself WAY too hard. But for results I would think Body Pump would work better.

  2. I teach Pump. I'll be honest, I'm not a fan of Zumba. And I've read a lot of the research/stats on both. Zumba is fun, and it is good exercise for the average, SEDENTARY American. But if you really want a workout, it's not going to torch as many calories. In fact, it's one of the lowest scoring calorie burns in the group fitness department. (This is all very relative, as it totally depends on the person, etc. So for some people it is a real challenge.)

    But as for me, I barely break a sweat. And I'm a sweater. I teach cycle, step, kickboxing, Pump and bootcamp/circuit classes, all of which leave me drenched. For someone who wants to drop significant weight, I recommend Body Pump and Zumba to start with. (Pump for toning and shaping, Zumba for beginners cardio.) Once you start to see results, I recommend keeping Pump and moving on to other cardio classes. They're just more intense, and they'll keep you working harder and burning more calories.

    That's my personal trainer opinion.

    Still, Zumba is fun. And for that, it deserves major props for getting people inside the gyms' doors. I'm not knocking it, but it's simply not the end-all and be-all.

  3. I AM a Zumba instructor BUT I also love BodyPump. You can't compare the two. First off, Bodypump is more of a tone class... yes, they SAY cardio because some of the moves (like in the back track) gets your heart pumping but no where near to what a CARDIO class would do. also, SADLY, and I will be the FIRST to admit this, some Zumba instructors suck. I've seen it first hand. Maybe, just maybe, the zumba instructor you went to wasn't a good TEACHER/just a good dancer? I HATE that Zumba gets misrepresented this way and turns off people like you.
    I've had SOOOOO many come to my class with "no rhythm" and after one week or two (you HAVE to be consistent), they get it down. My peeps leave DRENCHED in sweat. I'm sweating after the 2nd song (which, is only a warm up, btw).
    anyhow, that's my opinion. Who was the instructor? How long have they been teaching? who were they trained with, etc etc. that has SOOOO much to do with it. I've been authorized to teach since 2005.... and have only trained with the creator himself, Beto.

  4. I'm with Anissa! I teach both Body Pump and Zumba and have been teaching group ex for 23 years! Two totally different classes. If the instructor does not follow the Zumba formula as we were trained and keep it simple...yes, it can not be that good of a workout. However, I have participants burning 700+ calories in an hour...these are very fit people who take other cardio classes. And because Zumba is fun, people keep coming back. I've had people tell me its the only class they will rearrange their schedule for. So...they love it...they come every week and they burn lots of calories, totally not a beginner cardio class at all. As for comparing it to body pump, doesn't make sense. Participants should be taking body pump more for the weight training aspect, not expecting a cardio workout.

  5. I teach Bootcamp and Cardio-kickboxing also as well as Zumba and I sweat more in Zumba. Brittany Ann, as a personal trainer and group x instructor you should already know that different fitness levels need different levels of intensity. Your Zumba instructor should have been showing variations of the steps so that both you and the unconditioned beginner in class could get the workout you both needed.

    You also didn't say how many times you tried the class. Just like anything else, if it is unfamiliar and if you had to learn alot of steps, you would have been focusing on learning instead of the workout. Choreography is supposed to be simple enough for people to do the first time they walk in but not everyone teaches that way.

  6. Im gonna agree with ML! Zumba was fun and about KILLED me ! maybe your class was bogus. ha or maybe your over achieving arse needs to stick with Bodypump lol. I have never heard of body pump but you are making me want to try it! I am still so proud at all your dedication. I cant wait to see the results in person today! What time do you arrive?

  7. I teach Body Pump and Zumba and other programs like many of you and each has its own benefit. Zumba is definitely a DANCE-FITNESS program and may not be for the person who is challenged with rhythms and other dance based concepts. Its okay that you did not enjoy your first experience but may I suggest that you find another instructor and try again!?!

    Your lack of workout may have been the result of a questionable instructor, a bad match between you and the instructors or your inability to do the program! No judgment here just observations.

    Not every student loves every program... that is why there are so many!

  8. It's just plain STUPID to compare bodypump to Zumba. They are TOTALLY different concepts!

    I've done both and have to say I burned WAY more calories doing Zumba than I did in body pump.

  9. You can compare Body Pump to: BTS Group Power; Bally's Powerflex; YMCA Powerlift; Rep Reebok; 24Lift; any resistance-based endurance workout.

    You can compare zumba to: Jazzercise; hi-low aerobics; cardio hip-hop; Latin Impact; salsarobics; any dance-based movement workout.

    What you CAN'T do is compare them to one another. They have different modalities and different goals.

  10. I think Zumba is alot of fun. I also felt like I got a really great work out doing it. I like both classes for different reasons and I think I got better results doing both of them. I always like to take two classes in a row when I go. A cardio, like zumba, step, or kickboxing and then couple it with body pump. Ofcourse I haven't been doing that lately with the new baby at all... but when I did it really burned some calories and toned my muscles. I can't wait to get back in the game.

    My internet has been down for the past week. So I am really sorry I haven't been able to tell you that I got your package and to thank you. The bib and socks are so cute and I LOVE Target so I will be using the GC very very soon! Thank you so much!!!

  11. I love Zumba with all my I started in the middle of the class and it really sucked, but after a few tries your really get the hang of it. We dont take many breaks though. We go a striaght hour only having a break to track down dumbells.
    Also when I first started I had two older students get on both sides of me and they helped me to stay in rhythm by counting and talking me through it as we were going hollaring out the moves and showing me what to do.

  12. at least you know that with bts you are getting a qualified instructor qualified in something and not nothing.


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