Saturday, November 14, 2009

Bumbo Seat, Couponing, Christmas Shoebox, and EMMA!

Random title, I know. But we have been busy since our last update.
Emma got a Bumbo seat today from Tar-jay. I have been wanting one of these for a while now, and since she can hold her head up, we got it. It's hysterical!

Emma and Mommy

Emma and Daddy

These are my two shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child. I bought everything in the Target dollar bins except the gummy bears and Lifesavers. Those were $1.52 each. I also got all of the toiletries in the travel section-they were less than one dollar.
I made a boy and girl box. I got each child:
-gummy bears, gummy Lifesavers, ring pop, gum, 2 shampoos, hand sanitizer, wet wipes, 2 books, markers, coloring book/notepad, hairbrush, first aid kit, toothbrush/paste, socks, and chap stick. I did not use any coupons (because I didn't have any) and I spent $35. I just wanted to get them "whatever struck my fancy" without worrying about the money. I'm sure I could have done this cheaper, but I'm on a timeline here and didn't have any coupons stored up for this.

I went couponing after Weight Watchers on Thursday at Kroger. I got all of the following for $42. Not bad, but it was $62 before coupons! I still have a lot to learn.
I got:
-9 Smart Ones entrees
-2 WW desserts
-2 boxes Ronzoni whole grain pasta
-4 WW cheeses
-1 pack Yoplait digestive yogurt
-3 cartons Progresso chicken broth
Not bad, especially since the WW frozen meals and desserts are very expensive. They were on sale 5/$10 and I had $1 off coupons for all nine of them! For the cheeses I had 75c off coupons, the pasta $1 off each, 50c off the broth and they all doubled to $1, desserts were only 55c off, but better than nothing especially when you eat them every night and they are about $4 each! I am stalking Melissa's blog and some other ones!

Emma dreaming and drooling.

Ummm, excuse me?

Thinking hard.

Flash smells something good!

I think I'm gonna throw up.

Mommy was playing with Picasa editing and ignoring my puking.


  1. Teach me!! I have been trying to learn how to use coupons and get our food budget down, we currently spend between 130-180 dollars a week on food (breakfast, lunch, dinners, snacks, & desserts and household shit) a week. It's redic. And it needs to get smaller. I think from July to now I've saved 400 on groceries from coupons and buying the deals, but still.

    Miss Emma is SO CUTE! I can't tell who she looks more like, you or her Daddy!

  2. Your shoe boxes are awesome! I have most of the stuff for my two! I need to get a few more things. You know I totally didn't get any shampoo but I put soap in. I will have to grab some shampoo before I drop them off!

  3. Sister,
    emma looks hilarious in the bumbo with you in the pic, she looks like a rag-a-muff then the pic with j is ador!!! me love and me miss

  4. I love love love the your beautiful doggie and baby just hanging out together! So adorable!

  5. First of all you look fabulous in your CP hooch! next I love your friend Melissa's blog. We have alot to learn from her but you did great on your shopping!
    Third - I too am doing those boxes AND got alot of stuff in the target dollar bin! ha neat
    cant wait to see you guys. Emma bears is looking very cute in these pics.

  6. Hi! I stumbled across your blog. Congrats on the loss. I attend Monday night meetings. :0) Emma is a doll, and I love your blog! The shoeboxes are awesome what a great idea! Hope you dont mind if I follow you!

  7. The pics of Miss Emma in the bumbo seat are adorable!! I especially love the one with Jason - her huge grin is so precious!!! Cannot wait to see and hold the angel (and her mom & pop too)!

  8. I think the pic of emma and flash rules!
    Keep it up.


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