Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thanksgiving Traditions

So, I LOVE doing these blog hops and reading about everyone else's traditions around the holidays.
Because Lord knows, my family is a stickler for tradition. We do things the SAME way for 30 years, then decide to change it. (Right mom, ahem, Christmas.)
So, every Thanksgiving since I have been born, we have had Thanksgiving at my Grannie Annie's house in Franklin, Tennessee. When I got married and had to share holidays, it was a HUGE adjustment for me. I was so used to doing things "my way" and I was sad about "sharing" and missing things. But, now we (hubs and I) have it worked out to an art, and we get to see everyone. It's a lot of driving, and until my Grannie (God bless her) does not have Thanksgiving anymore, we will keep driving and smiling and seeing everyone.
So, let's talk traditions. We always get there about 2 days before the actual day of Thanks. To visit and drink and EAT appetizers. Srsly, we put down some food. No wonder I have a weight problem. :D And y'all, the drinking commences at like 1:00-and we go all night. My cousins (all 7 of them) and sissy and I have been known to frequent strip bars and other bars around 2 am. Yikes y'all.
That was when I was "younger." Now that I am mature I would never.
And on the actual day of Thanks, we start playing cards upon arrival (we all stay in a hotel so Grannie doesn't have a stroke from our loudness.)
And on the actual day of Thanks, we always say we are eating at 2:00, only to finally sit down around 4:00. And we INHALE all of the food because we are half drunk starving!
And on the actual day of Thanks, lots of football is watched by the 10 men (Dad, Uncle CR, Uncle Pete, Beau, Brett, Sean, Brody, Rusty, Bubba, Jason). And lots of yelling, cussing, and cheering ensues.
And on the actual day of Thanks, used to be lots of smoking cigs going on, but now (Thank GOD) almost all of us have quit! Only 4 smokers remain, (ahem, Uncle Pete, Aunt Kathy, Bubba, Mo). Even though sometimes we would all like to join back in, we WON'T!
And on the actual day of Thanks, ya'll this is what we eat: turkey, ham, dressing, onion casserole, asparagus, celery/olives/pickles, rolls, broccoli casserole, sweet potato casserole, spinach artichoke casserole, and lots of desserts like pecan tarts and pumpkin rolls. Yummmm! And I may be leaving off something too-cause it's only once a year! I can't remember it all!
And on the actual day of thanks, Reverend cousin Beau is forced to gives a prayer and we all give many thanks for so many blessings that we have in our life. And now Emeline will be a part of that. And I am so thankful.
What are your Thanksgiving traditions? Do share!


  1. Hmmmmmmmmmmm, hate to criticize, but you left off the Bloody Mary's on Thanksgiving morning while we are getting ready for the 1:00 meal (that commences at 4:00)! Also, wild rice is a must and now Uncle Pete's smoked turkey too. And I cannot wait to help introduce Miss Emma to all this!!!

  2. LOVE IT!!!

    We used to have a tradition at my Gammy's house, but that was before everyone got all divorced and moved all over the damn country. But luckily, my parents are still together, and since then they've invited family, family friends, and random ass college students to sit in on our Thanksgiving dinners.

    At my mama's house, we lovingly call her Mama Sue, she makes turkey, sweet potatoes with cloves & BUTTER, stuffing (in the bird, outside of the bird, and one with chorizo and cornbread), green bean casserole, creamed corn, relishes, pickles (homemade, y'all, Mama Sue is a farm girl, through and through!), rolls, mashed potatoes, gravy, apple pie, pecan pie, and potato pie. God, I miss Thanksgiving in New England!

    I'd also like to say that until my husband came around, we didn't do football on Thanksgiving. My great-grandmother, bless her, always was up at the crack of dawn waiting for the Macy's Day Parade to start up! After watching Mass on TV, of course!

    Right now, we're in no particular kind of routine. We kind of float between my husband's family and my family. My parents have a rule of "If the in-laws are upset by your impending absence at any of the holidays, go with them, visit us after or before" it depends from holiday to holiday where we are at and what the bat-shit crazy level of MIL & FIL is.

    I have half a mind to start Thanksgiving & Christmas at our place from here on out!

  3. I LOVE It-I am now following you. Thanks for posting--You are one funny girl.

    I do remember that feeling when I first got married of having to share Holidays but I was lucky mu MIL had already made tons of changes and did Thanksgiving dinner the weekend after and did Christmas on Christmas Eve. It did get complicated when my lil'sis got married though because not only were they expected to be with his family on Christmas Eve but then they were expected to drive 4hourd South on Christmas Day to be with Grandparents and fit us in somewhere.

    I hope you can read this Google is making me type blind-I can't see any words I am typing--ugh

  4. I just enjoy the food, the leftovers, and the football.
    War Eagle.


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