Saturday, November 7, 2009

"I'm gonna flex and bust outta here" Sunday Sayings

One of my most favorite quotes of all time is by Red from the movie Pineapple Express. "I'm gonna flex and bust outta here."

Husband and I are major movie aficionados. We love the random, funny, obscure movies that not everyone appreciates. We frequently sit around and shoot lines back and forth with the catch phrase, "Who said it? Quote me." Sometimes the response is immediate and other times we will find ourselves screaming the answer out three days later. It is our mission to find and protect great quotes. So, today we were playing our game and we both had an idea. Let's make a blog festival game out of it. You know, there are so many favorites: Menu Monday, Weight Watchers Wednesday, Not Me Monday, Five Question Friday, etc. So why can't I make one up?

It's time for Sunday Sayings. That's right. Each Sunday, I will present a quote and ask for two things. 1) Which movie character said it. 2) What movie is it from. To the winner, I will award prizes randomly-maybe every two weeks, maybe once a week, maybe every month. It just depends on my generosity and mood at the moment.

I have soooo many great quotes lined up for you all! This is going to be very exciting (at least for me!)

To let me know you guess, just leave a comment with three things:
1) Which movie character said it?
2) What movie is it from?
3) Your email address.

I posted yesterday and threw a quote out there, and my friend Melissa answered it correctly, so she wins the first prize! I may email you and ask you some personal things so your prize is better and more you! :D

So, don't delay! The first Sunday Sayings post will occur tomorrow. Stay tuned, and I hope you can participate!

Happy Saturday everyone!

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  1. Will it involve Talledaga Nights or Supertroopers? Because those I can do pretty well at. Or inane movies like, Forest Gump, I can do that pretty well. Otherwise, movies, for me, are in one ear, out the other. This should be fun, looking forward to it Sus!


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