Monday, December 14, 2009


Well hello there fine people! Monday is over, thank goodness! Only four more days until schoolz out and I can have a winter break! Aghhhahhhhghghgh! (That was the angels singing for me!) ;D

Anyway, I have been lax in posting about two awards I received, so let's do it! I love awards, love getting recognized in bloggy land, and think it's only good and right to re post and share the love with my other BFF's!

So, first up we have the Honest Scrap award from my IRL friend Adventures of a First Time Mommy! Thanks girl, love it and you! Let's have lunch and a walk/play date soon!

In order to accept this award, I need to come up with 10 honest things about myself....yikes a million-some of these may be TMI, said honest. :D

1. I don't always wash my makeup off. I know, it's awful for my skin, but sometimes I am so tired, I just say, "Screw it."

2. I clip my toenails in bed, but pick up each clipping and put it on the night table so they don't go in my bed or on the floor. Sick, I know. But it's the only way I can maneuver my feet up that close to my face to see.

3. I cannot leave school on Friday until I have planned and copied every last detail for the upcoming week.

4. I cannot go to bed until the kitchen is practically spotless (although, during pregnancy I could and did leave dishes in the sink overnight!)

5. I go to the bathroom (tee tee) at least two times before flushing if no one else is in the house. (What, I'm trying to be eco-conscious!)

6. I feel guilty if I don't go to church on Sundays.

7. I drink two diet cokes per day.

8. I feel guilty if I don't track my WW points-which mainly is on the weekends-I "track" in my head.

9. Likewise, I feel guilty if I eat something I don't know the points of, because it's probably not good for me.

10. I can go all weekend without showering if I'm not going out with people-and I'm not grossed out.

Do you all still love me?

Now, I want to give this to all of my followers and readers! You all make me smile, and I want to know more about you all! Please post the award and tell me ten honest things about yourself!

Next, the Happy 101 blog award! This is from Brittany at Living in the Moment! This award is for blogs that make you smile, and it has two requirements:

1. List 10 things that make you happy
2. List 10 bloggers who brighten your day.

1. Diet cokes and wine

2. My hubby, daughter, and whole family!

3. Maids

4. My dogs (most of the time)

5 My friends IRL and in blog land

6. Couponing

7. Making lists and crossing things off (OCD much?)

8. Having email "conversations" with friends (right, b.e.g.? :D)

9. Going to church

10. When people guess the Sunday Saying!

Now, these people make me happy, but unfortch, I cannot link up to all of them because I am sooooo tired and have a baby to care for (J/K-she is just my excuse :D) But really, all of these fab ladies are found on my blogroll to the right-check em out now.

Mrs. Potts at Experiments in a Galley Kitchen

Brown Eyed Girl

Brown Girl

Buford Betty

Bridget at Don't Blink

For the Love

Leslie at Lamberts Lately

Jen at Should be Cleaning

Mrs. Classic at Simple yet Classic

Miss Sweet Tea at Sweet Tea Diaries

Ladies, keep the hits coming! Sorry for the lame non link up, but I adore you all nonetheless! Now, I expect to see some award posts in my Google Reader soon ladies. :D



  1. Congrats to the winner. I love your post.

  2. Hahaha girlfriend, I don't think anyone clips their nails anywhere other than bed! I started biting my fingernails again, usually in bed. Ugh..I wish I could grow the damn things out and keep them grown out!

    && Yes, I pink puffy heart our email convos! :)


  3. Ooh thank you so much for the blog love! I will admit that I can go all weekend without showering too! And that I love coupon-ing!!

  4. First of all, congrats on your award!! And I LOVE reading people's lists about themselves. I am SO bad about taking my makeup off at night...I hardly ever do it! And my friends wag their finger at me all the time! ha.

  5. #3 is totally whatI wou;d do when I used to teach! It makes for very relaxing weekends:)

  6. I am quitting your blog if you dont do it more


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