Friday, December 4, 2009

Four Months

Dear Emeline,
Today you were four months old. It seems like I just wrote one of these letters for three months. You've got to slow it down a little bit girlfriend. You had your four month doctor's appointment and vaccinations today. Let's look at your stats:

Weight: 12 lbs, 4 oz.
Height: 24 in
Head Circumference: 39.7 cm

Very impressive little one! You got two shots today-you screamed bloody murder when the nurse put them in, then the minute that we picked you up, you stopped. Hmmmm, drama queen much? :D You are doing so many things now. Today you rolled over 4 times in a row! You also went Christmas shopping with me for about 2 hours without a peep! You are such a good baby girl! You are going to try rice cereal tomorrow, then we will start introducing fruits and vegetables. I will have to report back on whether you like it or not. Let's look at you over the past few weeks.

Sitting in your Bumbo, playing with Lovey

Having tummy time, practicing rolling over

You are beautiful!

Sleepy and visiting family at Thanksgiving

Four Generations!

You look like you can't believe something here.

What a happy, sweet girl!

You and your daddy


  1. Yay for an amazing 4 months!! She's so big and so precious. She's getting more and more beautiful by the day--which is pretty tough to do. :-) On another note, if you notice that the rice cereal constipates her, try doing oatmeal. I got that piece of advice from a few of my besties when Braya started. Those solids can be an adjustment for the system. :-) Can't wait to hear how she does. Oh, and yay for rolling over. She's soo big now!

  2. 4 months! Dang! I had a dream about her last night sitting in her carseat on my couch next to my pups and asking for cookies. She also sat there while you adn I decorated and stuff without crying for hours and I was impressed Ha.
    Mom and I think she looks just like present!

  3. Memma, I can't believe you are four months old! Before you turn five months, please practice on "loving" your Nonnie! You can pretend I am your lovey!
    I love you sweet angel!

  4. She is beautiful! And so expressive!


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