Sunday, December 6, 2009

Menu Monday

Well, if I am going to get those 4-7 pounds off by the end of December, I've got to menu plan my little heart out, and keep tracking and exercising. I typically eat fewer points during the day and save up the evening meal. We are having two or three nights of repeats this week because we didn't have our turkey burgers, and the lettuce wraps and stuffed peppers were too good not to have again! The lettuce wraps are from Paula Deen magazine. They are your basic wrap. We just have a bag of Success brown rice and frozen veggie eggrolls with them. The recipe makes a ton of wraps! The stuffed peppers are a recipe from my mom, but I do ground turkey instead of ground beef. It's just blanched bell peppers stuffed with a mixture of ground turkey, brown rice, and tomato sauce (with lots of garlic salt and pepper). You could surely put lots of other goodies inside, but I'm too lazy to think of what right now.

Without further ado, my menu:

Monday-Leftover grilled chicken with sour cream noodles and salad (sour cream noodles are just a box of Rice a Roni noodles that we already had in the pantry)
Wednesday-Turkey burgers with baked Lays and broccoli
Thursday-Lettuce wraps with eggrolls and brown rice
Friday-Stuffed peppers with broccoli and roasted potatoes
Sunday-Quick beef and pasta pot with chickpeas and salad-the pasta pot is just your basic mac and cheese box dinner mixed with ground beef and chopped tomatoes-I am adding a can of chickpeas for extra protein. I found the recipe in a Kraft magazine long ago.

We are really on a salad kick lately! We are making it with spicy ranch-lowfat ranch mixed with hot sauce-delish!
What are you all eating this week? Do share!

And, just for my mother, Nonnie, here is a shot of Emma in her JEANS. My mother has an irrational fear of infants in JEANS. I want to do the MC Hammer and scream JEANS-that's why it's in all caps. HOW CUTE is my kid in JEANS Mom?!?!? And her presh customized Auburn onesies from Etsy.
Hey Nonnie, I be rockin my jeans. You better say I look cute.
I wore them just for you!


  1. Oh god, broccoli and lasagna in one?! I wish my hubs would eat some freakin' broccoli! I love your menu and am thinking of rejoining WW in January. I'm slacking in the points watching department!

    And Emma! She is precious, I love the jeans! They look like they fit her, unlike other baby jeans, they kind of look all wacky, maybe because of the diaper and being too long? I don't know. But Emma is rockin'!

    I also think I should find an internship in your area for 2012 so we can hang out more often!

  2. Yes Sus, Emma looks precious but now you gotta post a picture of her in one of her handmade smocked dresses! Then we can get a comparison going!
    I just have a problem dressing children like a teenager or an adult!!! She is a baby - and a beautiful baby at that!

  3. Just have to let you know, Edwards Edition shows up in the corner of my home page. That picture of Emma laughing (yes, in her jeans) is adorable!!!!

  4. I love her in jeans! My little niece is finally at a point where she can wear them & they fit.

    I have a wonderful stuffed pepper recipe I'll send you. Mr. Potts requests it regularly & he's not a big veggie person - it is just that good!

  5. Your little girl is adorable and her in her little jeans...sooo stinkin' cute!

    I think your menu sounds yummy!

  6. First, your daughter is a doll! Too cute! Second, how about you send some of that WW/healthy eating inspiration my way. I had Taco Bell for dinner. FML.


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