Friday, December 18, 2009

Weekend Plans

So, right now I am snuggled up all warm and cocoon-like on the couch. I'm wearing my super soft gray maternity sleep pants (don't judge) and a tissue tee from Gap. I'm soooo comfy and blissed out right now. We just ate spicy jambalaya and I had a WW cookies and cream ice cream bar. It was the last day of school today. Thank the sweet 8 lb 12 oz baby Jesus. I need a freaking break from school, plans, work, kids, routine, etc. Tonight we are watching the newly acquired Hangover for hubby's birthday, which is tomorrow night.

This weekend we don't have much on tap. The doggles have to go get their shots tomorrow morning, then I plan on going to the gym for at least an hour. I only went once this week. This was the week from hell as far as trying to get stuff done. I had tons of errands to run. I also need to finish up shopping and wrapping this weekend. We are leaving Tuesday for sweet home Alabama for all of the Christmas festivities.

On Monday we are planning to go to the mall and have Emma's picture made with Santa. Let's just say the last venture equaled about 3 hours in wait time. So, hello weekday. We are also packing like mad and getting our cars ready for the trip. We have to take two cars since we have 400 lbs of baby shit and personal shit and 2 giant dogs.

I can't wait to see the family and friends in Alabama. I already have lunch dates and shopping trips planned! Yay! Lots of posting and pics will ensue on the trip-I will have 2 nannies-aka grandmas taking care of Miss Emma.

I hope you all have lots of plans and fun in store for the upcoming holidays! What are you most excited about?


  1. Our party is tomorrow night, so the turkey is roasting and the cleaning woman came today. No way we could have gotten it done being gone all week & thankfully Mr. Potts agreed.

    Happy Birthday Mr. Edwards!!

  2. I hope things settle down a little and you can enjoy more nights on the couch in your maternity pants, warm and snuggly.
    I have had so many Google problems-and it isn't over-Google has no idea how to solve the problem.
    Sorry I haven't been by much-I decided after weeks and weeks of non-stop Google issues, I am throwing my hands up and making much needed visits.
    I hope you have a Very Merry Christmas and hope you can come by for a visit.

  3. Oh girl, me too. I'm wearing Target sweats with bleach stains on them (sexyyyy) and a "You know you're a clinical psych graduate student when..." teeshirt. We've been watching Heroes season 4 since 11:30. Like I said...sexyyyy!

    I can't wait to see pictures from your travels - I miss y'all!

    I'll be sending you an email tonight, pinkie swear!

  4. Thank you for your kind words on my blog! :)

    Im so jealous you get to go home for Christmas, that right there would be gift enough for me! I hope you have a great time.

    What did you think of "The Hangover"? Some of those parts made me laugh really hard, like to the point of tears LOL :)


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