Saturday, December 12, 2009

Menu Monday

Oh, the weather outside is frightful, at least here in Georgia. It's sleeting as I type this. And it was sleeting while I made my menu this chilly Sunday night. So, that leads to me making a warm, comforting menu for the upcoming week! It's gonna be a doozy too! Last week of school, grades getting ready to be due, kids on crack crazy, etc.

So, have a go at this. I did enter these into my WW online to get the points value, and my chili is 4 points per serving, and the potato soup is 6 points. That's good! As always, recipes upon request. Happy (still) weekend!

Monday-Chili with baked Tostitos and a side of broccoli
Tuesday-Mom's shrimp creole with salad
Wednesday-(WW meeting night) Leftover chili
Thursday-Potato soup with cheese toast and a side of broccoli
Friday-Jambalaya (box style) with salad
Saturday-Hubby's birthday-out to eat!
Sunday-Baked lemon pasta with salad
Monday-out to eat! Emma is getting her picture made with Santa at the mall. (Yikes!)

What are you all eating this week? Do share! Leave a link in the comments so we can all see-I would love to do a McLinky. Anyone know how or want to start that up? :D Tell me and I'll do it!


  1. YUK! - chili with broccoli????
    YUK! - potato soup with broccoli?
    What are you smoking????? I love broccoli but both combinations sound gross!!! Tell Emma to smile pretty with Santa!! (hope she likes him better than she did me)

  2. I am totally going to make chili this week but corn bread not with broccoli. LOL!! XOXO

  3. You're so funny. My husband would LOVE to have your bloodhound and Rhodesian Ridgeback! (They're so pretty!) Short version...T got MW the great dane when MW was only five days old. Warrior (the great dane) is literally one day older than MC. So...T went off to work and MW went off to school, so guess who takes care of the dog? It's been a bit rough on our marriage. A new baby and a big puppy is a little more than I'd wanted on my plate. :) If you click on the link below his photo (on the words "little while" you can read about my feelings shortly after Warrior came home. Kind of scary.

    Ok...just planned my menu:
    Mon: grilled chicken salad
    Tues: blackened salmon w/ green beans
    Wed: Kung Pao Chicken over rice
    Thur: beef stew and buttermilk bread
    Fri: left over beef stew and buttermilk bread

    Is this the longest comment anyone's ever left you? :)

  4. I'm going to make Sunday Chicken OR Chicken Pot pie (enough for 2 days)...and that's all I've got planned so far. As you can see--not much of a menu planner.

    Thanks for the email and the scoop. Def. helpful. I left you an award on my blog for your sometimes scary honesty. hehe! Miss you.

  5. Yum! All these Menu Mondays are making me feel like I'm skimping out on Husby...


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