Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Weight Watchers Wednesday

Well, you may have noticed that I didn't post WWW last week-it's because I gained 0.4 pounds and was pissy and embarrassed. So, today I went to WW while at the in laws house out of town. My leader assured me that we could go to any meetings anywhere. So I woke myself up got up at the crack with Emma and got ready for a morning meeting. I was slightly excited at the prospect of weighing in in the morning-usually I weigh in at 5:30. I was a little nervous, even though I've been tracking and exercising (hey, twice in one week counts!) :D

Well, the leader gave me some flak, but I stood strong and informed her that I would not be paying since I had a monthly pass, and to kindly weigh me so I could be on my merry, shopping to be done way.

I am down 2.6 pounds! I am very proud and excited. I lost another point since I went down a weight class! Ha! I was really excited yesterday to have to buy a smaller size of jeans-the old ones were redic. I have eaten Subway about four times in the last week-a 6" ham on wheat with loads of veggies and the fat free chips is like 6 points! I've also been eating several "real" salads (like with chicken on them) at restaurants. I am holding strong and on Friday, i will have two "dinners" to eat. I am planning on doing things just like Thanksgiving-eat what I want on one plate, then be done. I am still tracking this week. It's hard to know the exact amount of points in some foods since I'm not cooking, but I'm doing my best.

Hubby said he is joining up with me after Christmas too. I tried to get him on before hand, but it's not happening. I think he will get pretty into it too (super competitive).

Anyway, enough about that, tell me how you all did! Let's lose some lbs before the Feastivus!



  1. WTG Nannah! Maybe you can school your mother on the WW stuff? Hurry to B'ham child!!

  2. YAY congratulations pretty lady!!! I will be grabbing subway while we're driving up to sweet home connecticut tomorrow, I didn't realize I could get some with chips and only be around 6 points. I am all up in that business tomorrow!!

  3. Jason doing WW is so fun! and will be fun to read about on here! He loses weight in like 5 secs when he wants to though!

  4. Good Job! I think it was the Mexican that jump started this weeks loss! Have fun tomorrow. S :)

  5. Oh Susannah! How wonderful for you & what a great "extra" Christmas present!! I'm so proud of you!! I stepped on the scale this morning, got off, stepped back on, shook my head in disbelief, got Mr. Potts out of bed, made him step on the scale, he looked at me & said, "Yeah, this isn't right. It's not even." He adjusted the scale, got on, told me it was correct now, I stepped on, looked down, sighed, stepped off & chucked it out the window.

    Not really, but that's what I wanted to do. I'm figuring I'm bloated & that the spaghetti my aunt made last night was full of sodium (my fingers are swollen).

    I'll weigh again tomorrow morning. After tonight's Mexican feast, that should be funny!

    It may very well go out the window tomorrow morning. :)

    Merry Christmas!!!


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