Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dude, hiatus much?

I am still here, alive and well! I cannot really post right now, but will soon! I am a heinous friend for not wishing you all a Merry Christmas, but at least I got one in on time for Happy New Year!

I am SUPER overwhelmed right now-just got back to Georgia, unpacking the car, gifts, putting up decorations, maids were just here, I've already trashed the house, laundry, life, etc!!!!!!!!!!!

I go back to work on Monday for a teacher workday, and husband has to work on SUNDAY-ugh! No daycare and I have 4 sets of writing to grade (still!)

I am trying to take a deep breath and just get over it all. Husband informed me last night that I have been in a slump and just moping around and "overwhelmed" for the past month. That was nice to know. Hmmmm, what is my deal?

I need to take some time to get things accomplished, then I will do a real post with lots of pictures!

I have set new WW goals and have to get back to planning menus and going grocery shopping. I also MUST do some workouts-but that is also by the wayside. RAH!

But, for right now, I'm not reading google reader or posting. I'm loving on Emma and trying to get shit done. Is this just a mommy thing that we go through? I did this before kids, but it didn't seem as bad or intense. Just that nagging feeling of not getting even the basics done. And I really haven't been on the computer either-I was feeling like I was neglecting you all and I miss our daily convos!

PS-like 18 people I know are pregnant right now! I am so excited for you all! Anyone else want to share some news??

I will be back soon! Don't give up on me! :D


  1. Girlie...I can watch Emma while you get stuff done (aka grading papers). Just an idea. I know what you mean about feeling overwhelmed and I ALWAYS felt that way this time of year (actually probably starting around Nov.) when I was teaching--before Braya. So to have Emma on top of're totally right to feel that way. Miss ya girlie!

  2. New pictures on the blog header!!! So beautiful! All of you guys!!

    I'll chill on the exclamation marks now, kthx. But seriously, this is a busy time of the year for anyone, and you're a new mom, a wife, a teacher, and have been traveling out of state and procured a shit ton of new items to insert into your life, anyone would be overwhelmed. One thing at a time, you'll get it done!

    If you need encouraging words or need a laugh, email me! Unfortch, bat shit crazy MIL didn't provide me with much material but she did leave an Always refresher wipe in our guest bathroom garbage can in plain ass sight!! I need your maid to take care of that nasty business for me!

  3. I would be glad to watch Miss Emma while you take care of that other stuff!
    When I came down this morning, Daddy asked me if I brought Memma with me! We miss y'all!!

  4. Don't know what happened there. You didn't say that, your Mother did! Love y'all tons!

  5. I'm right there with you on Monday's teacher workday. Ugh for the same thing over here, too! Not looking forward to!

    Happy New Year!

  6. HOney ! YOu take all the time you need to just breathe, love on that baby and get yourself orgainzed. I think for me, not being on my regular schedule makes me get all messed up. I slept way too late today and have a list of stuff to do. I am better with a schedule... just like a baby.. you will get back to your old sassy self. now go hug that baby xo


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