Friday, July 9, 2010

Hall Closet Makeover

Because I'm severely OCD, it is shocking to me how I can let a room in my house turn into this.

Also, because I am fascinated by other people's "makeovers" on things like this, maybe that is why I think you will be somewhat interested in this.

My hall closet under the stairs was a total nightmare. And by nightmare, I mean you couldn't cram one more thing in it.

And that presents a problem for me, cause I need to throw place things neatly in it.

Let's look at the before shot. This is looking directly into said closet.

And this is the left "turn" that goes under the stairs.

Ahhh, order is restored.

Now it looks like I have plenty of room to throw more things in! :D
On another note, tomorrow is my sixth wedding anniversary! Happy anniversary babe!
Since we were married so long ago, we have no digital pictures. Cause that was before the age of digital and online photography. :D J/K. But really, we have no digital pictures. We have the giant leather bound album.
Have a great weekend!


  1. I am the same order, but sometimes, closets get out of control. Our front closet is in need of a makeover. It was pretty embarrassing last weekend when our house appraiser asked if he could open it...yikes! You motivated me...adding it to the list. Great job!

  2. I love your organization. Love. Love. Love. and happy Anniv! I was chuckling because we don't have any "digital" pics's old fashioned negatives for us!! I may have to bust out the scanner. Have a good one!

  3. I'm definitely NOT sharing pictures of my two hall closets. One is so small (and crammed to the brim with nothing but crap) that it shouldn't be called a hall closet.

    But, this post has motivated me to get them both cleaned up & organized....tomorrow. Ha ha ha!

  4. Order is restored and Vera made the cut!

  5. I think you need to install some shelves and baskets while you have it all cleaned out! I am actually shocked that a closet like that ever existed in your house with all your OCD-ness!

  6. Happy Anniversary!!!

    And way to go on the closet. That's awesome. I love such dramatic results!

  7. Can you and LG come to our house and clean out our closets? Mine are redic, hubs was going to clean them out as one of his 'omg i'm unemployed this summer, this sucks ass, let's do random things to keep me occupied' tasks, but he's yet to start it!

    Happy Anniversary to you and J - hope you guys had a great day together!!


  8. Can you come work on mine? It's overflowing. HA!


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