Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Questions?? Answered!

You asked, I answered! :D

One trip, no matter how long or how much, where would you want to go & why?

Europe, definitely! I have always wanted to travel out of the United States, and I am especially fascinated with world history. I would LOVE to leave Emma with the grandparents and just J and I fly to Europe for two weeks (minimum). We could go all over-Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland, England, and Ireland. I puffy pink heart Europe and know that we WILL get there one day!

What is your most favorite Emma moment?

I have two: when I walk in her room after a nap or in the morning and she says, “Hey!” Also, I love when she says, “My momma.” Heart melter.

Do you think you'll always be a teacher?
I do think I will always be a teacher. I am planning on staying at home after this year for at least 4 years. I think when I do go back, it will most likely be at a private Christian school. I do love teaching and work, but feel like now I need to invest and spend time with my child(ren). I would love to stay at home until they graduate, because it is really important to me to be involved in their academic lives as they grow too. I want to be able to volunteer in their classroom, be room mom, and do other fun/interesting/cool things with them. However, we will have to see where the finances lead us.

What happened to Sunday Sayings? I miss trying to guess them.
Well Cas, I only had about 3 people participating. I may try to bring back Sunday sayings soon-just for you! :D

What book are you reading right now?

Right now I am reading Keeping Faith by Jodi Picoult-I will most likely be finished with this book by the time this post is published. And, I will need to be doing a “Book Review” post soon! Lots of good reading going on lately!

Am I the only male blogger you know?

Yes Cas, you are the ONLY male blogger I know/talk to. You are super special!
What is your best blogging moment?
Hmmm, best blogging moment: probably when I got to the emailing “stage” with some girls and we began to talk practically every day. :D Also, when people stop by and say things nice like, “I love your blog,” “Emma is so cute.” “You tell hilarious stories!” Those things are really meaningful. I think all bloggers are writers, and writers like to feel validated in their writing. It is so much easier for me to be a writer “like this.” I really think ahead and try to line my “story” up so it makes sense and has a beginning, middle, end, or lesson/moral, or just a funny anecdote. I seriously HEART blogging.

When should the next Bloggers Convench convene?

Dude, next month! :D I really wish I had an unlimited budget and could travel around to hang with y’all at any time! As it stands, it’s looking like Thanksgiving or next summer. (Come on G’s side of the family, right b.e.g??)

Where do you score your best shopping deals?
Clothing wise-without a doubt, New York and Company. Old Navy comes in a close second. With all this weight loss business, I have to buy “cheaper” and once I am done with the losing, I will go get some nicer items. However, NY&Co has rockin’ deals/steals/fashionable biz-nass.

What was your worst phase growing up?

Ugh-most awkward was definitely 7th-8th grade. YIKERS! I had a HUGE space between my teeth and had just gotten braces, per my request. My hair was super short-chin length, and I was chunky. It was not a good look, not for anyone. I am pretty sure my mom is laughing her butt off right now imagining my heinous 8th grade picture. If she still has one, I will SCAN IT IN and show you the horror that was late middle school. I am really surprised that husband married me after seeing that phase.

Katie (seriously, one of my first followers! Love ya!) asked if Emma was eating better, and the answer is YES she is! :D She just needs NO distractions and the same schedule day in, day out. If she declines the food or cries/turns her head away, I put it up and give it to her at the next meal. The doctor said she has to learn to eat when food is offered. I also think she was sick with a virus during some of the eating drama. She had diarrhea like 37 times in 4 days. So, yeah……….prob not feeling the milk and baby food. :D

Laura asked when was I coming to Missouri to visit-she said we could play with Gina too! :D Girl, how long of a drive is it??? :D I love her precious daughter “A” and could seriously eat her up-she is one month younger than Emma. Y’all need to go visit both blogs!

I would like to know if you are gonna continue anything like WW in place of the WW Wednesdays? I was counting on you to guide me through this fall and now what will I do?
Yes, I am going to rejoin WW in August-I will start doing WWW again and hopefully help out my friend LG. She seems to think she will have trouble weighing 90 after her kid is born. I’ve known this joker since 1997 and she has always weighed 90 and will probably weigh 90 about 20 minutes after Fenn comes out. :D But, have no fear LG, I will guide you in the WW ways.
Tell us your favorite teacher moment!
Oy vey. Let me think. Okay, it’s a tie between the 5 kids who have told me (and meant it) that I was their favorite teacher-oh so fun-you rock Mrs. Edwards! Also, one year I had a kid who had some issues-he had an IEP and some major social issues-he wasn’t special education, but anyway-no one in the class liked him, he was always getting in trouble for pushing to see how far he could go, etc. I was about to pull my hair out, and then he transferred to another school. He used to write me letters telling me how much he missed me and our class, and how I was so nice to him (I was thinking, “What!!!”) and how I was a great person for helping him make friends. It was seriously so sweet. I think at least once per year I have a “favorite” kid who does things and tells me things that make me know that for all of my meanness (cause y’all, I am super strict) they really DO love me and understand.

When did you realize you'd finally become a "mom?"
Probably when I stopped carrying a purse and started carrying a diaper bag. Or when I spent more time “expressing” my breasts than doing anything else. I’ve always gone to bed at 9:00-so that’s nothing new. Also, because I plan my day around NAPS! :D I also cry when I think of how I only have 17 years left until Emma moves out to go to college and I won’t get to see her sweet face everyday. That really made me cry-and think of my momma. :D

What's your favorite thing to do with Emeline?
Bath time (at this age)! Girlfriend gets DOWN with some baths. She can be in the foulest mood and be super tired, but you put her in that bath tub and give her some toys, and she is fine! It is super cute too!

Ok my question is how to menu plan? I get the general idea but I need recipes! We eat the same thing every single week and I want new things and I also only want to go to the store once a week unless it is for fresh veggies or baby food! Help! I need help making a grocery list that can last us a week.

OK, this one is tricky. The first key to not eating the same thing is to build your recipe arsenal. Now, granted, I have tried and true recipes that we go back to quite frequently. But, I also look in my 3” recipe binder (filled with torn out pages from mags) and see what strikes my/our fancy for the upcoming week. I always menu plan on Friday night/Saturday and do the shopping on Sundays. Cause I work. I try to also plan things that I can get deals on. For example, you can get those big a** packs of boneless, skinless chicken breasts at Wal-Mart for around $10-there are 7 pieces of chicken in there. So, we will have chicken about 3 times that week (or I will freeze some for another time)-just different ways. I.E. grilled chicken breast, grilled chicken salad, and chicken spaghetti. Also, I have to account for what is going on that week. Practically every Wednesday, we have turkey burgers because I have WW and don’t get home until 6:30. I have to immediately feed/bathe/bed Emma. That severely limits our dinner choices. Also, J likes to grill on weekends, so I try to think of things that he can cook/make. I ONLY go to the store once a week-I get all the fresh veggies and whatnot on Sunday. Then I arrange the menu so that the fresher stuff is eaten first-so it doesn’t go bad. We have also become HUGE fans of frozen veggies-like bags of limas and black eyed peas. They take 20-30 minutes to cook (while I’m bathing Emma) and they are just as good as fresh. We eat a lot of salads as sides, so we eat those early in the week-like Sun through Tues. Also, baby food (to answer part of your question) I get 10 for $10 at Publix-that is 20 containers of food. So, I am good for a week there. You can look at my recipe binders when you are here this weekend. :D
Here is a sample menu: (Keep in mind we are both dieting/trying to eat healthy)
Monday-Chicken breast/Frozen veg/Noodle item
Tuesday-Turkey Spaghetti with a side salad
Wednesday-Turkey Burgers with broccoli and baked Lays
Thursday-Weight Watchers sausage and pepper pasta pot
Friday-Bunless burgers with baked fries and a salad
Saturday-Weight Watchers honey mustard pork chops with wild rice and a frozen veg
Sunday-Southwestern chicken salad with ranch/salsa dressing

I hope the menu thing helps someone! :D

Thanks for the questions!


  1. I love the idea of teaching in a Christian school. I went to a Christian school and what an amazing experience. The teachers really changed my life with their ability to pray with us before class and use scripture. I hope that if you do have to go back to work you can work in a place like my school!

  2. I loved this!! Now I want to copyface and do one myself, we'll see!

    I also forgot to ask - when will you change your profile picture? A skinny minnie Susannah picture is needed up there!

    Are any other bloggers going up to Nashville for Thanksgiving? We were planning on staying in DC for Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, because hopefully the months of January and February will be spent paying thousands of dollars to fly out on INTERNSHIP INTERVIEWS!! Woo-hoo!


  3. I LOVE Laura's question! ;)

  4. Yay! I'm special! Wait... Is that a good thing?

  5. I'm reading 'Keeping Faith' right now. Just a few chapters into it.

    Love that you want to teach at a private Christian school! I went to one for 13 years and wouldn't trade my experience for the world. If I'm still living here, my kids will go there, too.

    My heart melts at "My Momma".... I can't wait until I have a baby that calls me Mommy.

    Hijacking beg's comment.... I heart Nashville. I'm trying to get there this Fall to visit with a bunch of my friends. If ya'll ever want to have a Blogger's Convench in Central Florida, count me in as the hostess!

  6. I can add a little insight to the whole meal planning situation;) This is going to be a long comment...sorry! I am also a huge frozen veggie fan for most situations bc of price fluctuation. I do buy fresh when its on sale or for a specialty item like asparagus. But for the most part, I go to Sam's and buy the 5 lb bags of Birds Eye frozen broccoli florets, asian stir fry (i don't add the sauce pouch, it adds calories) and long green beans, all of these are like $7 each, and last us about a 6 weeks. These 3 veggies are in my weekly veggie rotation along with a couple of salads and I throw in a starch with my green veggie, like a frozen pea or bean, potato (sweet or regular), pasta or rice. The easiest thing to do with your protein is to make a little chart. I always keep at least enough of each type of protein for 2-3 meals. This helps knowing I can do 1 big grocery shop and have my stock for a while. I use: chicken (but mix up the cuts, like, breasts one week, skinless thighs the next), pork (chops, tenderloin, loin, etc), beef (ground or pattied, steak, roast), fish (frozen fish filet, shrimp, scallop, etc), sandwich night, etc. etc. My trick is this: when I find a really good deal on pork chops, i don't buy 1 pack I buy 3, portion them out, wrap in saran wrap then in foil, label with my sharpie. Keep all of this information on a checklist on your fridge and then you know what your inventory list. I know it sounds complicated but it has saved me from making sensless trips to the store! I'm able to use what I have and be done with it! Make your goal simple at first. Just buy enough stock to make it 2 weeks. See how it goes and then take it farther. You def need some new recipes though;) Do you have a deep freeze? If not, you should look into buying a used one. They are fabulous!

  7. I just found your blog via LG's so I thought I'd say hi! I love it!

  8. Are you nuts???? You were/always have been adorable, even in middle school! No truth to the middle school awkwardness. Love it! Funny post!

  9. You crack me up hooker. PS totally jealous of how many comments you always get!


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