Saturday, July 10, 2010

Blog Sale!!!

First up, this is what I did for hubby for our anniversary. It is a big poster (not sure if it will enlarge if you click on it). It is a poster with some of his favorite things on it, like: a haircut, a Subway giftcard, circus peanuts, a new Polo, a fishing lure, and a BBQ magazine. He loved it!

He got me giftcards to Barnes and Noble, New York and Co, and Chick Fil A! Awesome! I can go get some chicken, books, and new clothes for school! I will be saving that Chick Fil A giftcard for those mornings when I need a spicy chicken biscuit!

Next up, a mini blog sale! It's only five dresses, but whatever. It's still a sale, and a chance for you to get some cute dresses for cheap!

The sale will be over on July 31. If you want to purchase something, I have a paypal account set up. You must pay within 24 hours of receiving the payment request. All shipping is $5 in addition to the price of the dress.

First up, I wore this dress for Emma's baptism in November. I wore it once. It is from Kohl's. It is a Dana Buchman dress, black, size 12, zip up back. It hit me at the knee.

It has the black fabric squares lining the collar.

I am asking $15 for this dress.

This dress is also from Kohl's, worn once to my school Open House. It is by Apt. 9, size 12, chocolate and cream print. It zips up the side. It has a tie that goes around the waist. Here it is untied.

Here it is tied back. The dress hits me right at the knee.

Close up of the "jewels" on the tie back. Very cute.
The dress is 100% cotton. I am asking $15 for this dress.

Next up we have a strapless White House Black Market formal dress. Those "straps" are the lingerie hanging straps things. It is black with white flower patterns. It hits me at the knee. I wore this dress once to a friend's wedding. I am asking $20 for this dress.

Here is a navy blue (looks black in the picture) J. Crew strapless dress (again with the hanger things). Size 12. I've worn this a handful of times to engagement parties and other outings. I usually put a cardigan or shrug type thing over it, depending on the season. It hits me right below the knee.

It's not hanging real well on the hanger.
The dress is 100% cotton. I am asking $15 for this dress.

I LOVE this dress. It's a navy and cream patterned dress, size 12, from Ann Taylor. I wore it once to a baptism. It hits right below the knee. I wore it with yellow patent leather shoes! :D

It also has a tie back. And notice the little "keyhole" button area at the top.

I will include the little cover up cardigan that I bought with it. It didn't come with it in the store. The dress and cardigan are a set. The dress is 100% silk. The cardigan is a rayon blend.

I am asking $20 for this dress set.

See that hint of rich, beautiful blue? I love it!

So, please email me with any questions. Once you let me know you want an item, I will mark it as SOLD. I will ship your item after receiving your paypal payment.

I am willing to negotiate prices if you are realllllly interested.


  1. Sister, I would like the last dress. Did it slip your mind that your sissy is a size 12 now? If no one buys it ya give it to me because I am on restriction.

  2. and now i'm way convinced to start losing weight again. you've got great taste missy.

  3. awesome stuff! I wanna hear how your blog sale goes as I need to do that too! You could copy yhe pic of the jcrew dress frm their website so it shows up better!holla

  4. What a creative idea! Love what you did for your hubs!

  5. Super cute dresses girlie! I can't do them for myself....but they are HOTNESS! I second the "great taste" comment. Are you getting rid of them cuz they're too big or because you're over them? Wonder how much it'd be to get someone to let them in? They're just so darn cute, I wouldn't wanna part with them if I were you. Great idea though!


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