Friday, July 23, 2010


Today is my one year blog-iversary! I have loved every minute of blogging and making friends since my first post!

If you are a "lurker" or a longtime reader, please leave a comment and share something you have liked reading about. Also, please tell me if there is anything you would like to read about in the future. It's not always all about Emma. :D

In the spirit of getting to know you, I am going to open up the floor here and let you all ask me anything. Now, someone (LG, b.e.g, Britt, Life Accounts, sissy, momma, etc) better ask me at least a few questions so I don't look like a struggle.

I have loved "getting to know" all of you and have really made some friends through blogging. I would love to come visit your blogs too-it's hard to go visit blogs through the Followers link, so if you can leave a comment, I will stop by and see your blog and leave you a comment. Man, I'll probably start following you, cause I love to find new blogs to read. It's slowly taking over my life-reading blogs.........

Thanks for all of your support and friendship! Y'all are the best!



  1. Happy Blog-iversary! I have been following you for a few months now...goodness knows how i stumbled upon your blog, i lose track of how i find people. I have enjoyed watching your daughter grow through your posts. My son is 9 months old so it is great to read what i have to look forward to in the coming months.

    I hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Happy Blogiversary! I am a new follower and having fun getting to "know" you! :)

  3. Happy, happy blog-iversary! Since The Edwards Edition is on my home page (because I didn't know what I was doing when I subscribed), I get to see new additions as soon as they are posted! I especially love seeing a new partial of Emma when I log on so I immediately go to your blog and save e-mail for later! I ♥ you!!

  4. Hey sister!! Yay!!! Happy Bloggy!! Me love! Ok my question is how to menu plan? I get the general idea but I need recipes! We eat the same damn thing every single week and I want new things and I also only want to go to the store once a week unless it is for fresh veggies or baby food! Help! I need help making a grocery list that can last us a week. I did it today and only spent $90 and got formula but I just need tips! Love you, Meems Looby and J and can't wait to see you!

  5. Hi, I liked your post on Emma not eating. (not the fact that she was having problems eating) I all of a sudden didn't feel alone with my problems with my son not eating.

    I hope she is doing better!!!

  6. Whoop! Whoop! Happy Blogiversary!


    Tell us your favorite teacher moment!

    When did you realize you'd finally become a "mom?"

    What's your favorite thing to do with Emeline?

  7. happy blogiversary! Cant believe it has already been a year! Woah! Congrats!
    I would like to know if you are gonna continue anything like WW in place of the WW Wednesdays? I was counting on you to guide me trhough this fall and now what will I do?

  8. Happy Blog-iversary! I love reading your blog (now that I am reading blogs again) and seeing Emma grow up. With our babies so close in age, its neat to kinda go through this together. When are you going to come to MO and visit? You can see me and Gina at the same time!

  9. Happy blogaversary, sweets!!

    What is your best blogging moment?

    When should the next Bloggers Convench convene?

    Where do you score your best shopping deals?

    What was your worst phase growing up?

    Did you know that your dog and my parent's cat have the same name? Flash!

    Love and miss!! xoxoox

  10. Happy blog-iversary! I'm glad our blogs have allowed us to reconnect since our days torturing our poor Home Ec teacher in the basement of good ole PHS-haha!!!

  11. Thought I'd leave a comment since I've stalking your blog since Melissa introduce me to it. We've both enjoyed reading your blog. And thanks for being a loyal follower of my blog, since no one else seems to read it! haha

    What happened to Sunday Sayings? I miss trying to guess them.

    What book are you reading right now?

    Am I the only male blogger you know?

  12. Congrats lady!!

    Questions :)

    One trip, no matter how long or how much, where would you want to go & why?

    Favorite Emma moment?

    Do you think you'll always be a teacher?

  13. Haha, great minds think a like! I wrote up a similar post last week (but scheduled it for Monday when I was off the grid)...Happy blog anniversary!!!

    hmmm questions questions...

    Favorite clothing stores?

    If you were a shoe, what kind would you be?

    Favorite sport?

    How many kids would you like to have (if you had your way)?

    Given the opportunity, would you want to give up teaching and be a stay at home mom?

    How does one obtain an invitation to the next blogger meet-up? :)

  14. Geez time does fly! Where have I been (oh yeah, that's right, moving across the country). Sorry I've been so MIA, but happy belated bloggiversary:)


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