Monday, August 2, 2010

Monday Randomosity

Before I make a come back with a real post (I am sooo behind and super stinkin' tired) I need to do a "stream of consciousness" post. Be patient with me-I am wading through hundreds of photos from Emma's first birthday party. :D It was a blast. Lots of pictures to come. On another note, does anyone know how to link a picasa album to the blog? That would save me A LOT of uploading-and if you actually cared to look at all of them, you could. Please leave me some info if you know.

On to the randomness:
*I made sugar cookies for Emma's party favors-I just rolled out Pillsbury sugar cookie dough. Six rolls. At 10:00 pm. My MIL helped me-thank God. We cut out 50 cupcake shapes and 50 number 1's. Then we baked them. And, apparently I don't "bake" often, cause the cupcake ones grew to enormous proportions. I swear, I will post a picture soon just of that so you can laugh. They were HUGE. And they didn't really look like cupcakes after baking. They looked like trees.

*I went to the doctor on Thursday because I think I may have Lyme Disease. Don't even get me started on this, but I did find a tick on my stomach in May. And now I have some random Lyme symptoms. So, I made an appt for 2:30 and didn't leave there until 5:10. I had a ton of bloodwork done and am waiting for the results. Which leads me to my next point.

*My friend Jill was going to teach me how to ice the sugar cookies. But, I was super late (a little too late) to create icing and all that jazz. I mean, she had to deal with dinner and her kids and all that. So, she offered to do it for me that night. She texted me at 11:00 and said she had just finished. It was awful and so hard-she made some kind of special icing that dries shiny and hard. It was like mixing glue and she was having to work super hard to finish. Needless to say, I appreciate her SO MUCH! She also made Emma's cupcakes (48 of them) and her precious strawberry cupcake smashcake. xoxoxox

*My friend Shawna made Emma a precious birthday banner out of pink, green, and brown felt. It is adorable!

*I made a brisket in the slow cooker on Thursday night. It was used to make brisket sandwiches. I got it from the Food Network magazine and am too lazy to look it up.

*School starts on Monday. I have to work all week to get my self ready.

*The party prep for Emma's party was ridonkulous. My sister and I worked ALL day while FeFe and Poppy entertained/took Emma out. Then, they came home and FeFe helped us all day and night while Poppy was on baby duty. They didn't leave till 11. Major dedication-thank you!!!

*FeFe brought Emma her first baby stroller. She has been pushing that joker around non stop. With a little baby doll in it. Tooo cute for words! Pics to follow.

*I am getting my iPhone on Saturday! Yay to the yay!

*I just finished watching RHONJ-the Danielle hair episode-can I just say A)Danielle is drama and B)Ashley is tacky and C)That whole show is a total hot MESS!

*I want a DVR-yes, I know! We do not have one....................yet.

*My bestie LG had Fenn on July 28th. That joker weighed in at 9 pounds, 9.5 ounces! Pray for her body. Ya know?

*I am passing out now. Good day sir.

I will be back for LOADS of picture updates and a detailed account of the birthday party. I am working on pre planning stuff this week and am swamped!


  1. OK, congrats to your friend on the birth of her baby, but the thought of birthing a nearly 10 pound baby kind of takes my breath away. ;)

    I'll be thinking about you as you await your test results. I can only imagine how anxious you are...waiting for an answer is the worst!!

    Sounds like Emma's birthday party was a success...can't wait to see the pics!!

  2. Love New Jersey Housewives. Can't stand Danielle and totally agree about Ashley. And, we don't have DVR either. Hear it is great.

  3. I love random posts. I actually did one too because I honestly could not think of anything else to post. Life is too crazy sometimes, haha.

  4. Lyme disease! Yikes! I am praying for you. Can't wait to see the pics of the birthday party!

  5. Yay for good friends! And Boo for Lyme Disease. Please keep us posted.

  6. And can you explain why you didn't tell your mother about the Lyme disease dilemma please? What are your symptons? You better keep me posted child!
    Loved being with y'all for the big birthday!! Miss Emma is a hot mess herself!! ♥ y'all!

  7. Oh my gosh - the frosting fiasco sounds awful! What a good friend. And I can't believe you made so many cookies and cupcakes! Super Mom. :-)

    I'm really behind on RHONJ, but "Danielle hair episode" sounds too weird to resist!

    Looking forward to pictures!

  8. RHONJ is a holy hot mess, sister. I can't take my eyes off of it!

    I can't wait to see your pics from Emma's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY GIRL!!!

    I hope you're having a good transition back into being a working mama, you CAN DO IT!!

    iPhone and THEN dvr, and you will totally be in the 2010s, sister!

    Miss and love! XOXO

  9. ohhh, can't wait to see all the photos! I have no tips on how to link a picassa album, I use flickr myself. You can never be too careful with lyme disease, my dad has gotten in three times! Thankfully they have antiobotics now that work pretty well, you just gotta give it time. I have no iphone or dvr, so I must be total year 2000. I have wanted both for years but have yet to get them. On a brighter note though, I am getting a nice new shiny camera for my birthday and at least upgrading to a blackberry of some sort for our anniversary!

    ps. my mother had a 10 pound 1 ounce baby at a birthing center...she had no idea how big he was until she had him but she did it without pain meds....OUCH!

  10. You better update me on the Lyme disease thing! I'm freaked out for you!


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