Saturday, August 28, 2010

Birmingham in Pictures

My trip to Birmingham last weekend can pretty much be summed up with pictures. I had a blast helping with the garage sale and subsequent house demo. Wish we could hang out more sissy!!!

But first, husband was unable to come because when we arrived home from work on Friday, Bart had pooped/puked allllllllllllllll over his doggle crate. Suffice to say, husband stayed behind to take care of that hot mess and take him to the emergency vet. His hiney was bleeding too. TMI yet? :D

He is all okay now, except when I came home on Monday and he had puked again in the crate. The vet thinks he has a virus of some sort. Until that is all cleared up, he and his big brother are staying in our tiled bathroom during the day. Maybe it is too hot in the garage?? We have a big box fan blowing on them. I'm not sure.

John brought us all burritos from Salsarita's (their restaurant) at lunch on Saturday. YUM! I took this picture because my sissy's FIL was using this fork. The only fork left in the house. It's actually looking like a meat turner thing/stabber. Hilare.

Precious Letta-she will be 4 months old soon!!

Naked Emma banging Grandpa's old pots and pans
Yes Britt, it is a Southern thing!

"Umm, hello Parpa. Can I have a bite of that McGriddle??"
She stalked my dad for bites of this until it was gone.

Dad and Emma chilling. She is feeding herself. :D

Got Junk? Ummm, yeah, I think so. This was taken before they were done.
Dude had to strap a tarp on top after all was said and done.
Yeah, that's a copier from 1987.

Emma and Nonnie playing the piano

Sister blowing darts out of Grandpa's blowgun
While smoking. In the garage. In a white velvet armchair
(that was stained to H and back)

Emma and her new best friend (dad).
He is letting her hold his cup of ice water.
She kept "fishing" in the cup for ice.

On the way home!
I'm excited to see my daddy!

The End. (As Amy says! :D)


  1. oh sus, babygirl is so presh! she has such looong legs! and fyi - us yankees play with pots & pans on the floor in all our nakedness too! it looks like y'all had a great time, next time send me a burrito - that looks amazeballs!

  2. That looked really fun! Im sad I missed out! Those girls are sooooo cute! dang! and that velvet armchair pic is hilarious and my dad and bro both have that blowgun!

  3. Your sister looks must run in the family!

  4. So fun! And yay for Southern naked babies and pans!

  5. Lovin the pic of her banging the pots. she is too cute!


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