Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tuesday Randomosity

Cause I can't go one week without a randomosity post. And, cause I'm still procrastinating on the birthday blog. No reason, just tired, overworked, and lazy!

*So, the first day of school was yesterday. I wore this dress in a dusty rose (with a NY&Co cardi thing over it). Super cute and got lots of compliments. Bonus: I was comfy!

*I wore this dress today (in black) with a pair of wedges. Basically, I ravaged NY&Co and Loft on Sunday. More photos to come. And, as mentioned above, I didn't wear the heinous booties-sorry, I cannot get down with that trend. I live in GEORGIA, not NY.

*Ummmm yeah, I miss my phone. I tried at least 4 times yesterday to text and/or call someone on the way home from work. Boo hiss. I need communications while in the car. I did talk to AT&T today and my phone was ordered on Saturday. So, I am hoping for a Friday arrival of THE PHONE.

(Livin' in 2000. Yeah, that was me.)
*I went to the gym yesterday. The dude at the desk was all like, "No soliciting." I was like, "Dude, I am a member here. You just haven't seen me in 9 bajillion weeks!" It hurt.
*First day of school was pretty rad. As was the second.
*OK-lots (read 4) of you asked for "background" on Shasta a.k.a. My Brunette Reality, etc. Here is what I know (cause I love her.)
-She lives in the Pacific NW-Washington state I think.
-She is loaded and dresses super cute and takes pictures of her outfits.
-She is TINY and adorable.
-She changes hair colors/extensions all the time.
-She is like a PA or something at a dermatologist office. She does lots of recs on skin care stuff.
-She is smart-even though people are mean to her and degrade her-she keeps on.
-She has a history with depression and stuff and when people are "mean" to her on her blogs, she basically shuts down, deletes, and moves on/makes another blog.
-She has three kids.
Lots of y'all (again, read 4) have told me she deleted her "old" blog cause she felt it was getting too personal. Now she is writing for CupcakeMAG. I am now reading that "fashion blog" JUST for my Shasta fix. I can't really explain it-I just like her and want to befriend her in real life. :D
*And, cause it's been like 4 months, I figured why not post a MENU MONDAY!
Even if it's Tuesday. Shhhhhhhh!

Monday-grilled veggie rigatoni
Tuesday-pork tenderloin with brown rice and grilled veggie salad
Wednesday-chicken salad with fruit and crackers
Thursday-WW turkey sausage and pepper pasta pot with salad
Friday-grilled chicken salad with garlic bread
Saturday-linguine with sun dried tomatoes and grilled veggies
Sunday-grilled chicken breast with WW stir fry veggies and noodle side
OK, if you want any recipes, email me. And, can I JUST SAY that tonight's grilled vegetable salad (served warm with things like squash, zucchini, onion, tomato, romaine hearts and FETA was TDF!!!!) I may eat this three times per week now. Srsly. Srsly y'all. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh.
*PS-check out my "Blogs I heart" sidebar for new blog additions-I will try to do a book review post soon along with another round of "new" blogs-cause I've found some. Oh yeah.


  1. I am loving your dresses. So cute. I love Maxi dresses for school! I bet you looked super cute. You should have taken pictures. So I need that salad recipe. It sounds TDF!

  2. I hate I didn't get to read Shasta's blog before she vansihed.. She sounds so interesting! I hate it when people are mean to others on blogs! Sooo rude!

  3. Who is Shasta? Clearly, I've been living under a bloggin' rock.

  4. You are HILARIOUS!!! You always have me laughing. So now that I know who Shasta is, I'm wishin' I'd been reading. So glad you had a great start to the year! Woo hoo. (And looked great, too!)

  5. Susannah! I love it when you post!!

    I love your outfits - if I give you access to my credit card, can you be my personal shopper? Because I srsly need work-appropriate clothes that can transition to play-time clothes, and you obvi have that down pat!

    And I think I read on the cupcake mag blog that Shasta closed down her blog because she wanted to protect her children? It was in the comments section of one of her posts. I'm not sure - but those are some new deets if you didn't know!

    xoxo have a great wednesday - almost the weekend!!

  6. The veggie salad sounds so yum. Send me the recipe?

    Love love love the dresses you found - they're fab!!

  7. Love that first dress! It'd be perfect for work. You know, once I am not as big as a whale.

  8. Look at you, you fashionable teacher girl!

    And, also, seriously? Next time just slug that gym rep in the face next time. Customer service really is dead.

  9. Send me a link to this chick I need to see what all the hype is about!

  10. Love the dresses! They are super cute! I admit I have never shopped at NY&co. The one near me was always extremely dirty and trashy looking and thus I've always just written it off! You definitely make me reconsider! I do, however, adore loft! I went a bit crazy there last fall and spent most of my fall winter budget stocking up on their tops and basics so I have been holding back the beast thus far this season...definitely not going to last too much longer, their new fall line is so cute!

    ps totally jealous of the iphone! I have sprint so I would have to switch carriers...I'm trying to convinve Hubs I should just have two phones!

  11. Oh my gosh, Loft and NY&Co (and Banana) are my FAVORITES! Love those dresses.

  12. So honored to be on your blogs I heart! Hope your first week back is great.

  13. Both of those dresses are amazing - I bet you rocked all of Georgia!

  14. I'm sure you looked super cute the first few days of school. And really, the customer service rep? I seriously doubt you look like a solicitor.


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