Sunday, August 8, 2010


Today, J and I met my dear friend Jen and her husband Brad for lunch and Gymboree! Emma and Harper got to play and explore! It was soooo cool! We are going to sign up for a month's worth of classes. It was too hilarious. Emma clearly needs to work on following directions. Also, I think socializing with other kids (besides the 5 she attends "daycare" with). J took these pics on his Blackberry, so they aren't the greatest, but they are cute!

Here we are playing with the parachute. Most all of the babies were crying when we (the parents) were flipping/slinging it around.

In this "activity" Emma was supposed to sit on the slick blanket thing and the instructor would pull her through the tube. She was not down with that. It was still funny!

Meems and Mommy playing! Emma crawled through this foam circle
thing and then went down the slide.

Overall, it was a lot of fun for Emma and the parents! Jen and I are going to go each Saturday for a month. Maybe as they get older we will do other classes like art or music. :D

On a completely unrelated note, Emma has been sent to time out! J/K. She is fascinated with the dog's crates and goes in there and "closes" the door. I don't want DFACS on my doorstep, so know that this was a joke. :D

Oh, look at the free baby with purchase of a big girl carseat! I'll take that one!
This is the carseat we bought, and this is what Meems looks like in it. Too cute!

OK, off to work on the birthday picture editing, writing thank you notes, and maybe blogging about Emma's first birthday party.
Sidenote: why do men (ahem, husband) not have to write ANY thank you notes? That drives me bonkers! It's not always "my job."


  1. Amen on the thank you notes. T has written ONE in almost nine years of marriage!!! The other day he came home and was like, 'What have you done all day?" I'm like, "written a bajillion thank you notes!" For first and sixth birthdays and tons of stuff in between...have fun writing!

  2. So cute! Gymboree looks like fun! And on the topic of thank you notes, I gave Hubs half the list after we got married and told him to start writing. Then he finished his list before me and started hassling me about mine. Talk about a backfire! haha Still, it was good to have help. Writing TY's takes forever! I feel your pain.

  3. Too cute! My best friend goes to Gymboree and LOVES it.

    Awww.... she's graduating to a big girl carseat!

  4. I cannot believe she is one!! I can't wait to see pictures of the birthday. She looks like such a big girl in her new carseat! Amen with the thank you notes.....I feel your pain....I am just getting Davis' sent from his birthday in April....I am so bad. Oh well, better late than never I guess!! :)

  5. Looks like you had a blast at Gymboree! Oh, GL on the thank you's!! That is not in men's vocabulary!!!

  6. Training. Husband Training. I am a freaking commadant over in this household with the training. I give husband a card, tell him he has to write a thank you to X person for Y gift, and tell him I will mail it in the morning and to please give it to me before bedtime. And he does it. And we reward him. It's simple Classical Conditioning a la Pavalov and his dog. But in this case we'll call it Husband Training. Go get your commadant vibes over J, don't do the thank yous all yourself!

    Emma looks like a big girl, so sad she's growing up so fast, wasn't she just a little ittle bittle at Thanksgiving time?!

  7. I have been considering Baby Gym classes for the munchkin too... I think she would love it. I am going to wait till she is full on walking though. We recently got a big girl car seat too.... It's all going soooo fast!

  8. SO with you on the thank you note husband has never written a single thank you note...what the heck?!?!

  9. Gymboree looks like a blast. You'll have to FB message me more about it. How much does a month cost? Where do you go? Bug would love that party! LOVE the pic of Emma in her big girl carseat. That's actually the one we got too. I've only had it for a few months...but so far, really like it. Easy to clean and whatnot. We NEED to get together. I found out I'm in Maine the last weekend of Aug. Let's get these girls together so they can party their sassy pants off!


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