Monday, August 23, 2010

You Decide...

I have a situation and I need your input.

If you follow me on Twitter, you've already heard most of this.

I want your honest opinion.

Today I went to the gym to walk/run in the cardio/movie room. When I got there, a gym employee was cleaning the treadmills and ellipticals and had the lights on. There were about 3 people working out while watching 10,000BC. I went in and got started, then begin reading blogs while power walking (which is quite a feat in itself.) :D

About 5 minutes later, a woman came in and went to the third/back row of the treadmills and proceeded to get on her cell phone and talk in a very loud voice. The women around me were getting pissed and saying things to each other and me. I was agreeing with them. Finally, a woman in the row in front of us said, "That's it, I've had it, I'm going to tell the manager."

During all of this, the employee was still cleaning the machines and the other ladies asked him to turn up the movie volume twice to compensate for "loud talkers" voice.

I would read a few blogs, put down my phone, swing my arms, pick it back up and read, increase the incline, jog, read some more, etc. Finally, the manager came in and had some words with the woman. She got pissed off.

She started saying, "Well, that lady's texting is bothering me! Make her stop! (referring to me-reading blogs-not texting-and anyway, texting is not a LOUD voice).

I ignored her and kept on. They told her that I wasn't breaking any rules and that I wasn't being disruptive.

The girls next to me were like, "Oh no she didn't, waht a cah-ray-zee ....................." About one minute after the manager left, they turned off the lights, and girlfriend KEPT SHOUTING TO ME that the "brightness" of my screen was distracting her from her workout.

No licken. Momma is getting riled.

I started getting pissed.

Girlfriend gets off her machine and comes up to me in the middle of my workout and basically cusses me out. Saying I am distracting and I should have to leave and put my phone up. I told her to shove it and get out of my face. Basically. I also informed her that I wasn't talking at mach 10. Really Susannah, mach 10 doesn't describe sound levels. It's speed. But good one.

She stormed out.

Without cleaning her machine. Figures. She's one of those people.

Now, I want your honest opinion. On the cell phone talking in the movie room. On the fuh-reaking out. And on the "attack" on me, practically an innocent bystander. And on me, my little reaction to her heinous ways.

What would you have done/said??

Please share and be honest! No hard feelings if you think I was in the wrong.


  1. It doesn't sound like you did anything wrong at all. I think the women who were complaining about her and who went and complained to the manager could have politely asked the woman to keep it down rather than talk about her and tattle to the manager, but that's not your fault. Sounds like she was completely inconsiderate of gym ettiquette and a beeotch for hollering at you. You were minding your own business.

    I'm suddenly feeling pretty grateful for the strict no phone policy at my Y!

  2. I agree with the above poster. I don't think you did anything wrong at all. Unless your phone has the stickiest buttons made, there's no way the noise could possibly bother anyone! And I've been known to play games on my phone while hubby's sleeping--- if the light doesn't bother him enough to wake him up (while he's NEXT to me), I don't see how it could possibly be bright enough to distract someone from her movie/ workout.

    Even if the woman seriously did have a problem, the right thing to do would be to ask you nicely and then go to the manager rather than berate you in public. It seems like the woman was embarassed about being called out for her mistake and was just trying to shift blame to you.

  3. Oh Susanna, That's an awful position to be put in. I think she was angry 'cause she knew she was in the wrong and rather than deal with it, she took it out on you.

  4. What a sucky lady. I think you were totally in the right. She just didn't own up to her actions and was mad she got called out on them.

  5. The only thing you did wrong was let her walk out of there with all her teeth still in tact. WTF.
    First of all she should use her common sense and courtesy to figure out why TALKING on her cell in the MOVIE room is not OK.
    Second why she was trying to make that your problem is hilarious and strange.
    She, just like 90% of Americans these days are selfish, and dont think about anyone else around them and that is not your fault!
    I hope you gave it to her in a MEAN way.

  6. First of all what gym do you belong to? I want a movie room! Is there a time limit on machines?
    It doesn't sound like anyone else had a problem with you reading just the woman who didn't want to be the only one getting in trouble so I wouldn't worry about it.

  7. Bitch has some entitlement issues, like 90% of Americans, like LG said! She should have gotten off the damn phone, and if she really was bothered by your texting, she could have asked, nicely, politely, and using our indoor voice.

    I believe that people need to chill on the cell phone usage, it's so rude to talk on the phone in about 50% of the places that we use it. If you're going to have a conversation, go somewhere in private. If she was standing in the corner, attempting to be hushed, I wouldn't have minded. But talking with outdoor voice in the gym is annoying.

    And if I were in your shoes, I would have been scared because I hate confrontations and she soulds like a scary hooch!

  8. I would have asked her what her name was. Then told her very nicely that she could stick her phone up her a**. Then I would have told the manager what her name was so that they could revoke her gym membership, because they will very well lose members if she continues to harass people. Most peeps go to the gym to zone out and get away from the days craziness. Sheesh.

  9. I don't like it when other people talk near me loudly in public, let alone the gym. I think the manager was justified in asking her to stop. I think, like several posters above, she didn't want to own up to her own vile behavior & decided to bring someone else into the fray.

    Good for you telling her to mind her own business.

  10. It sounds like she was just trying to take you down with her...

    Way to stand up to her!!!

  11. Cardio movie room? WTH?
    I run outside with headphones.

    Chica sounds like she was having a bad day. Kudos for not smashing her grill.

  12. I started pitting out just thinking about it. Crazaay lady was trying to push the blame on you. Good for you for sticking up for yourself. And I also want to know what gym you at... media room??

  13. Wait, what is a movie room? My gym just had one little ghetto TV with no sound on CNN or some other news network.

  14. If I were you, I'd be in jail right now because I would have clawed that woman's eyes out then grabbed her by the pony tail and pummeled her head into the treadmill console. Then again, I have anger issues....

  15. What?! What a bitch! I would be so pissed. Honestly, she sounds like a crazy person!! I'd say you handled yourself pretty damn good.

    Are people losing their damn minds or what? I have recently been amazed over and over at the sheer stupidity of some people!

  16. PS. I just tagged you in an 8 questions game over on my blog...

  17. I think that speaking to the manager was the right thing to do, as opposed to speaking directly to the woman herself, because, as she proved, people can be crazy in their reaction. She was totally off-base in every way. You were fine.


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