Friday, August 6, 2010


Hello lover. Tomorrow is the day.

Leave me a comment telling me the TOP TWO APPS I need to download asap. Pretty please.

Also, I swear I will work on updating with a real post this weekend-plate is kinda full right now.

Emma has a bad cough and is on an inhaler! And she has an ear infection. And I start school Monday. And I have to menu plan/grocery shop/launder/clean/get back into routine/play with iphone/go to Gymboree. You can see how busy I am. Clearly. :D



  1. Pandora and Words with friends. Then play me! lflambert

  2. I was going to say words with friends!! :) Also I love the game ones, crazy birds is fun.

  3. WHAAAAT? Emmabear is sick? I am sorry! Dang! How did she get all of that?
    You are getting the iphone 4 correct?
    Top 2 apps.. hmm that is hard. Maybe Checkbook and BillTRacker.
    One is your checkbook registry and the other is how you know what bills are due and have been paid etc.

  4. I am jealous. I want an iphone :(

  5. I want an iphone too. I tried telling my husband I desperately need one for middle-of-the-night feedings. He's not biting. Boo.

  6. Good luck getting it all done! We have Droids, so I am not sure what apps are avail for iPhones. I love Pandora because I plug my phone into our home stereo and listen to commercial free music all day!

  7. Ahem, while I do not have an iPhone...yet, I do know what apps I like the most. So here goes. Words with Friends, Echofon, Around Me, Pandora, and Facebook of course.

  8. I think I'd want a crossword puzzle one. :)

    So sorry that Emma is sick & hope she feels better soon.

  9. Facebook and Words With Friends!

  10. Like everyone else, words with friends, TapWord, Angry Birds, and IMDB. Oh wait, you just asked for top two... Sorry

  11. I have a list!! :)

    Facebook, Windows Messenger, Twitter, Echofon, Dragon Dictation, Craigslist, Weight Watchers, Amazon, TV Guide, Fandango, IMDB, Audible, Pandora, Flickr, Yelp, Unblock Me and my favorite is Words with Friends!!

    If you get the paid version of Words with can play ME!!! :)
    user name: amyrburns


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