Sunday, August 8, 2010

Disappearing Act.............again

So, she has disappeared again! Dang it! Why am I so obsessed with her?

Bergdorf Blondes, My Blonde Reality, My Brunette Reality, and then More than Before.

Gone. Obvi someone is harassing her. But also, I think Shasta is battling her own demons with depression and self esteem. I really like reading about her life and excursions.

Last time she disappeared, my friend JDub (hey girl :D) "found" her. OK, anyone knowing where she is, help a sister out.

And to anonymous-she is not a liar-don't be a jealous hater.



  1. I didn't follow this blog. What's the story? Why has she started so many blogs?

  2. lol I don't know anything about this blogger, but you crack me up!

  3. Can't believed she disappeared again...She was guest contributing on another blog..she wrote about it on her blog but I don't remember the name of it. Maybe she is still over there. Also, pretty sure she's still on twitter.

  4. Here's the blog she's guest writing on:

  5. Dang girlfriend, what the what? I need to add her to my blog roll when you sleuths find her again, k?

  6. I think I found her for you last time too. :)
    She's writing at the Cupcake Mag blog - she last posted there last week, but it isn't about her, more about fashion/celebrity/etc.

  7. LOL! Seriously, this should be a sitcom! I can't believe how often she disappears!

  8. She decided to delete her blog because she's writing for cupcake mag under her real name. I think she just didn't want too much info out there. She's MBR_77 and PoshShasta on Twitter. Girl, you NEED to me on Twitter, especially now that you have an iPhone. Join Brittany, Laura, and me!

  9. What on earth are you talking about????

  10. Man, that last one was short-lived!

    Looking at the cupcake mag blog in the comments, she writes the following

    "Thank you for reading my blogs in the past. I felt the need to close them for now because my name is entirely "out there". Not that it was a secret before, but now that both my first and last name are listed, I as a mother, needed to delete the blogs as a way to protect my kids. I wrote about extremely personal things, my children, marriage and the challenges/blessings of raising a child with special needs. Out of respect for them and my husband, I needed to delete.

    I am absolutely thrilled to be on the CupcakeMAG team and hope that you all enjoy reading."

    I guess because she's reaching out to a larger audience?? Still I will be sad not to read her posts, though you are right, some of them are a bit sad!

  11. She's a plastic fraud.


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