Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Stream of random consciousness...whatever

So, it seems like all I do lately is post randomosity posts. I am lately.

Please forgive.

*I have put on several pounds this summer. Like 7-8. That is a whole freaking size people! Unacceptable. I have been super hard on myself. Plus, some of my work friends are on WW and I joined back up, so we are working together. HOWEVER, I am still having majah issues on the beer intake and the starbursts!!! For the love, they are my most favorite candy I must get a grip on the starburst love.

*I got an incredible purple Taylor dress from beg's blog sale!! Picture to come when I wear it tomorrow!

*School is kicking my ass right now. Enough said. I have a stack of papers to grade about 2 inches high and it's only the first month of school. Yikes.

*I went to the gym today and was in no mood for exercise. I missed Monday because of Curriculum Night. I MADE myself go today and walk/jog for 40 minutes.

*Auburn football starts this weekend-woot woot!!

*Husband is configuring our new "stay at home" budget for next year when I potentially probably stay home. Yikes a million. Can I just open up the floor here and say that we have NEVER in six years of marriage had a budget? This is going to be TOUGH!! We are talking about 125$/wk for groceries. I spend about 150/wk now. I went to friggin Publix last weekend and spent 180. Absurd. Cannot happen anymore. Momma's gotta learn to coupon.

I am so boring. I'm sorry. Please share some things that I can take back to hubby regarding a budget. (Besides throwing it out the window............)

xoxo loves!


  1. Sister You can do it!!! I shop at publix and spend 120 once a week WITHOUT coupons. When I have coupons it is under $100. That is including formula,diapers, beer and wine!! I love you and come see us!! Carpet tomorrow!

  2. You can do the budget! We have been doing it for years and it is SUCH A GOOD THING!!! Once we got the hang of it, it eliminated so many arguments. You can do it!

    Hang in there with school...I hope it lightens up real soon.

  3. You can do the budget! I spend $100 a week on groceries and all the general stuff. Last week, I saved $50 because of coupons and Kroger sales!

  4. Yeah we need to work on out budget too.... we did one for the longest time and it was awesome. But we stopped for a while. We were just talking last night about how we need to sit down and start it up again this weekend. Why can't I just buy whatever I want when I want? No fair.

  5. Well, you can do what Dave Ramsey suggests. One person makes the budget and the other gets to change it! :) For example, his suggestion is that if you feel that $$$ is not enough for groceries, you can look over the budget categories and say, no I need $$$$ for groceries so this other category here is going to have to be knocked down. It's like a puzzle. Also, once you do the budget, it's a great idea to break it down by paycheck and then allocate out each dollar of the paycheck to what category it's going to. LMK if that makes no sense.

  6. I know it seems a little out of reach, but, you CAN do it. Matt and I took a major step the year before I quit my job....we put every bit of my salary in savings and lived on his salary. And, we didn't figure in bonuses because in todays world, we can't always count on a bonus just because we have always gotten one! So, after a few months of doing that, we got a major reality check. Like really. The reality is that if you choose to stay at home then you also choose to make cuts where you have to cut. However, there are a lot of things in your budget that just "work out" clothing. You won't need near as much clothing if you aren't working. Honestly, you live in jeans and yoga pants, unless you are going on a date with hubby or going to church. You don't spend as much on gas because you aren't commuting everyday to work. Then, of course, daycare expenses but you will probably want your kids in some kind of Mothers Morning Out Program, cost varies. You may want to call around to different churches and get estimates now so you can budget for me, you will want to do the MMO. With Matt being a banker and being a budget nazi, he sees a lot of people make mistakes when they choose to take this step. The major mistake is that peeps think they can just carry on with their current lifestyle and make it work. It just doesn't work like that, you still have to contribute to your savings account, college accounts, retirement accounts AND pay all of your current bills. I'm not gonna lie, its hard. I would definitely suggest saving your salary for at least 6 months, just so you can both see how its going to be. You may also need to start budgeting your groceries now, just so you can see what its going to be like. There is no time like the present! Good luck! Its hard work but its rewarding work and I know that I'm doing what I'm supposed to do:) I hope I didn't put a damper on things! But, the budget is the key! And, the sooner you start living the budget, the better!

  7. A great website for coupons is I have become a coupon queen. 'i'll help you. Now I want a starburst!

  8. We have been on the "BUDGET" for two years and it has really been first I was so nervous, but now I think it is awesome! As long s you both are on the same page it works great! We followed a modified version of Dave Ramsey's plan (the envelope system) and it has worked out great. I had no idea how much money I spent on stupid crap...I spent a TON!! It makes me sick thinking about it now!! Good can do it, but I do suggest practicing to see how it will is hard at first especially when you are used to getting what you want when you want it! But if you get to stay home who cares about your stuff right??

  9. We are making a budget too!! I don't do well with numbers and it makes my head spin a bit. But if someone tells me, you have XX dollars to spend on X, Y, and Z, I can make that seem like a challenge to myself and go for it! But I like what Mrs. Life Accounts said - if you need more money for food, and sister's gotta eat and feed boyfriend and babygirl, then you can change that.

    I can't wait to see the picture of you in the dress - it's sooo prettyy!!

    And me too, re: weight gain. I am going to go back to counting because I have a bridesmaid dress to fit into in a month. F.

  10. I'm hoping to coupon soon, as well! I'll send/keep you posted if I learn/get anything interesting!

  11. Good luck! I am sure you can do it. Try to live on one person's budget for the next week to make the transition smoother.


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