Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Hellllllloooooo everyone! This will be a pictureless post.

Apparently, I am that boring. I say this because I lost a follower this week. Prob because I haven't posted in almost a week. And I lack pictures. And I am boring and only do randomosity posts of late. Please forgive.

I have read so many names for these posts, and now I'm calling it "Spew."

I've heard: brain dump, stream of consciousness, randomosity, hmmmmmmmmmm, what else? Anyone know any other names for the crap posts of everything in your brain?? Please share. Maybe we should make up a long ass name for these posts.

OK, so here is what I am spewin'

*My lupus meds have been making me suuuuupppper tired lately. Like can't get it together after 2 diet cokes and a large coffee tired. Boo hiss.

*I have been eating grilled chicken salad for lunch for 3 weeks now. I am done.

*Husband is about to go out of town for four days. Yikers on caring for baby and having a job-all by myself-repeat-yikers.

*We finally finished our 5 days of standardized testing.

*My sister is having a heinous time with an out of control water bill. To the tune of 1200 dollars. Please share your advice (be it lawyerly or otherwise) on what she can do to correct the sitch. She has talked to the water company and they say that they water actually passed through the meter, so she has to pay it. There is no way in you know what that she actually used this much water and sewer. What can she do?

*I am planning on doing nothing this weekend and loving it.

*I am hoping to go see bestie and PB the weekend after that. Waiting on confirmash.

*I am addicted to Twitter. One ? though-if I want to look for like a specific celeb, can I just type their name in the search box and see what happens? I am so sure I need to follow the celeb spewings!

*I have scored the past two weeks of grosh for $95 at Kroger. That rocks. However, I am already tired of eating Hamburger/Chicken Helper, spaghetti, and other such lunchroom items. Suggestions on how to change it up and keep it low??

*Did I mention I was tired? And addicted to Twitter? Follow me if you want to see super cute pics of Emma bear on there! @edwardsedition

*Emma hasn't pooped in the tub lately (jinx for me, I'm sure)

*I have read like 5 books lately. I will do a book review when I get five spare, quiet seconds soon.

*I have 5 STAR magazines to read. I must be up on the gossip!

*I am too random for words-I will think of 19+ more things to share after I publish this.

What are all of you up to lately? Random spew posts rock! Please share, and I promise to break out the camera and update you all soon on the growing thing that is my child!


  1. I think "spew" posts are needed every so often :)

  2. I vote for brain jiz (but that is pretty nasty & could offend your more sensitive readers?). Ha!

    I'm over grilled chicken too. Seriously. It is dead to me.

    When you do the reviews, give me a heads up. I'm finding it hard to really "love" anything I'm reading right now. boo

  3. "spew" posts are the best! these should gain you LOTS of followers.
    water bill- tell her she should check her outside faucets; sometimes those can have leaks that you don't even see or think about that can cost you tons of money.
    twitter - I want to learn more about using it and how to grow your following, email me any advice you might have! @alenlund

  4. I know what you mean - I'm struggling with blogging right now too. I feel like I want all most posts to be great, hilarious, witty...blah, blah. Not going to happen. (Probably b/c I'm not all that hilarious or witty.) Then I have to remember I blog for me. I used to get so upset about losing a follower. I'd wonder, did I offend someone? Am I boring? Now I try not to sweat it. You shouldn't either. You're a busy lady and when you do post, it's always fun to read. And personally, I like spew posts! They're honest.

    Yay for no tub pooping!

    And for your sister, I am SO sorry. That sucks. I would guess she's got a leak somewhere. If she shuts off the water and the meter is still spinning, there's a leak somewhere. I think a plumber could help locate exactly where, if that's the case. If there's no leak, I'd keep fighting with water company. Without a leak, there's no way a household could run up that kind of water bill!

  5. * that's supposed to be "all my posts". And sorry for the world's longest comment.

  6. You're not boring! I always enjoy reading your posts! Somewher along the lines, I missed that you had lupus, but I totally feel you on the exaustion. I'm on meds for a bad thyroid and they just upped mine a week ago FINALLY because I have been soooooo tired for the past couple months I've barely been able to think straight, much more than the usual exaustion that seems to accompany a wonky thyroid...stupid thing!

    For the water problem, have her turn off the water and see if the meter keeps going, if it does-there's a leak that needs to be fixed by the water company and your sister is not responsible. If the meter stops then there is a leak somewhere inside. Even a faucet or hose that is nearly turned off but is on every so slightly can run up that kind of bill if left on constantly for a month-also have her check toilets, if she's got a leaky valve inside the tank this can cause your water to run constantly as well, we can run our well dry in a matter of hours if we leave water running even the smallest amount. If the problem turns out to be on the inside of her house, she needs to have someone come out and do a water evaluation to find the problem. $1200 is ridic-I believe that will also show up again on her property taxes if she has a mortgage if the charge was a mistake. My co-worker had a similar problem and she had to talk to three different water/state departments to get it all sorted out.


    I love seeing you on twitter, you know I'm following you!

  7. Hope that water situation gets cleared up soon. What a pain!!!

    That IS lots of randomness, lol. I'm jealous of all the books you're reading! I need to make more time for that.

  8. I like this term "Spew". It's just enough to border on being gross which is where I like it. Hooray for being finished with standardized testing. My mother hates it too! Glad you've posted again pal. I for once have missed ya.

  9. I love following the few celebs I follow too! Such a guilty pleasure!

  10. I'm beyond boring. No worries - its back to school time and you're just getting into the swing of things.

  11. I want to see you, LG, & PB! Totes jeally. Do I say this every time you post?

    If you're not feeling well, get thee to the doctors, not cool that you're feeling sleepy and drowsy all the time!

    Give Ms. Emeline Edwards a high five for not pooping in the tub, sister deserves some praise!

    I think you can search celebs and add them on twitter. John C Mayer quit twitter yesterday...the same day I was trying to find him! Sadface.

    And I have about 6 magazines and a novel on my nightstand to read....I love reading and miss it oh, so much! Let me know if there's any good goss in the mags, I'm a sucker for that 411!

    Love you! xoxo


    I'm sorry you're so tired. I've been feeling that way but I don't have the meds excuse.

    What does the doc say?

  13. I'm sorry you are so tired :(. Will you go over to my blog to see if you know anything about this ANA result? prayingforalittleone.blogspot.com (I thought you might since you have lupus).

  14. ok gys thanks for all the water bill feedback BUT there is NO leak. If there is a leak at all no matter where it is the little white triangle on the meter will be spinning. It is not. Regardless I had the water cut off because we moved anyway but my lawyer and I went to the WW and they gave us a 400 somethin $ credit. Now the fight is with the sewer co who bills you based on how much water runs through the meter, which apparently was 90000 gallons. Yeah right. GOD THIS SUCKS!


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