Monday, September 6, 2010

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly......

The Good:

We went to a neighborhood party yesterday afternoon and Emma partied in the sandbox. It was super fun, and when we got home at 9:00, I laid her down to change her diaper, and about 3 pounds of sand fell out of her bubble suit/diaper. :D

This picture is redneck, but "Diva" is letting me do pigtails lately!! This was taken before Emma stood on her booster seat and broke the tray apart. Not fixable. Uggggggghhhh!

We went to eat lunch at Ruby Tuesdays and Miss Thing was eating brunch biscuits. Like it was her job. Guess we are mostly past the not eating phase.

The Bad: (kind of)

This is my stack of books to read. Yikes. I keep buying them. What is wrong with me??

Our kitchen sink sprung a leak and husband had to work on that all weekend. Emma got up in there today and "helped" check things out.

The Ugly:

This flying, rumbling bug that was killed in my living room on Friday night. what is UP with the freaky bugs lately???

Hope y'all all had a fun, lazy, relaxing Labor Day weekend!!


  1. Emma is sooo cute! Love that she was helpin Daddy!

  2. That is NOT a bug. It's a small dinosaur.

  3. WTF kinda bug is that?!?! That would freaking freak me out!! LOVING the pigtails. So cute!

  4. OMGoodness! Emma is soooooo cute!!!

    That bug is insane!!

    Happy Tuesday!

  5. Emma is growing so big. Love and miss you!

  6. Love the pigtails, hate the bug. I do the same thing with books. Now I have a kindle and have my own little pile on there that are "to reads." I don't feel as bad about it because it's not in my face as much. Go figure! Your blog is cute as ever!

  7. Dang, gf, those are some serious bugs you have there! Fortunately you have a cute booboo to make up for the random ugly you find around the house!

    Shall I call the intervention crew to your house for the booktervention?

    Love & miss you!

  8. goodness she is cuuuuute! I love her hair! I used to do my sisters hair in a little pony tail on top of her head, we called it a brocolli top! :)

    That is a freaky freaky bug you had there, I detest bugs and me the shivers just thinking about it!


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