Wednesday, September 8, 2010

For the love-of my sanity


I need some advice and help.

For the love of my sanity.

Two issues:

Number one (or should I say two?) Emma has been POOPING in the bathtub! This is the fourth, yes, FOURTH time she has done it. Why? Is it because the water is warm? What? I can't take it anymore-I immediately pick it up, drain the tub, wash her standing up, then have to later bleach/clean the toys. Getting old right quick. Help me now please.

Next, I am about to lose it because every single sippy cup we have (all NINE OF THEM) is leaky or spilly. I have the Playtex ones with straws, without straws, born free, etc. If she tips them over (all the time) or walks around with them, the milk or water comes flowing out. Not cool. But I can't play sippy cup police. What do you use and love? Help me, please!

Thank you in advance from a pooped mommy!
xoxo :D


  1. We use the Dr. Weil sippy cups and have not had a problem with leaking. Good luck with the other issue, i have no good tips there.

  2. You may be a "pooped" mommy but you sure have an ADORABLE child! Loved the pic!!!
    I don't think y'all ever pooped in the tub so can't help you there!
    Love you all tons!!

  3. As for shitting the tub, I do it too. As far as sippy cups I have heard nothing but the best about Tommy Tipee sippees. They have them at Babies R us. Love you and I won't poop the tub whne we are in it together

  4. haha that post cracked me up.. not what you are going through, but the puns you used! I'm just a puppy mama so I duno what to tell you on that one? ?

  5. I got nothin'. But, if you discover "the perfect" sippie cup, please do share!

    We have one...that I wash constantly. But if it gets left on its side, it leaks. But I too, have tried THEM ALL. To no avail. That's why we have just one. i am done throwing good money after those necessary, but annoying cups.

    If you figure it out, please, do tell!

  6. Malia, who is now 9, pooped in the tub twice. The first time was on Mother's Day. I remember Adam yelling for me to "come look what we have for you." I thought it was a gift. Well, I guess it was, but it wasn't the kind I was hoping for! Ha! Malia was just over a year old. Our solution? We bought a potty chair. We kept it in the living room. She would sit and read on it. ;)

    Did that stop the pooing in the tub? Probably not. Like I said, she only did it twice. The water & being relaxed could be culprits. Or, she could be one of those kiddos who poops on schedule {are bath times at the same time??}. I'm sure this will pass - um, NO pun intended. ;)

    As for sippy cups, girl, my two are 9 & 7 but I remember feeling the same as you are now! I hate leaky sippy cups!! We used Playtex and some cheapy ones from Wally World. I'm sure there is all KINDS of cool baby stuff out now.

  7. Cooper has these. He throws them across the floor and not a leak.

    They have older kid versions too.

  8. No idea about the poop. Gracie has been pooping in the tub too. The bad thing is that Gray is usually in with her when she does and it is a whole production. She has also pooped on the floor twice on the way to the tub. The first time she did it, J tried to blame it on Odie, but those were no Odie terds! Nice!! As for the cups, we use the playtex cups. It is kind of hit or miss. I try to make sure all the parts are on tight

  9. Well, here's what I know. Sorry if this gets long.

    There's a technique called "Elimination Communication" (EC) which basically says that all living creatures feel the urge to eliminate (poop and pee). And I would venture to guess that the warm water IS what is giving her the feeling that she wants to go.

    People who practice EC give their babies diaper free time and try to learn the signs and sounds that their baby needs to go. They let them spend time on the potty every day too. All that said, I'd maybe give her diaper free time and let her sit on a "big girl" potty 30 minutes to an hour before bathtime. Maybe that will help her go BEFORE the bath AND the added benefit is that she might potty train earlier.

    You can Google and try to learn more if it sounds like something you'd like to do. My friends have been using this technique on their baby and at 14 months old, she's completely potty trained!

  10. I don't know about the pooping thing, I would ask the pediatrician! And as for sippy cups, the best ones we have are the playtex ones with the hard top and the screw on lids. They all leak sometimes, but with those I've found that valve placement is key. AND making sure the top isn't screwed on crooked or (strangely enough) too tight.

  11. Pooping thing might be related to the water - it's warm and relaxing and shit happens when your muscles relax, you know?

    Be consistent with your dialogue and discipline with Emma when she poops in the tub, she might be able to let you know that she's going to go soon or even try using a sign for "stinky" or "potty" and you can see if she can communicate with you that way before pooping in the tub!

  12. I think it's got to be the water with the poop thing. Does she "prep" before she does it, so you could whip her off and hold her over the toilet, perhaps? I have no idea. That's gross no matter how you slice it.

  13. Very interesting topics and I look forward to your responses! Make sure to share what you learn or what works!

  14. It IS the water with the poop thing. Back in the day when Bug was pooping out rocks and I was basically having to coach her through labor (blood included) each time she pooped, I used to have to put her in the tub to MAKE her poop if it got really bad. That was a while ago and YES, I swear all she was eating was fruits and veggies...BUT all to say that the warm water relaxes all the muscles (ie. why people take a warm bath to help with period cramps, labor, etc) and allows the poop to free flow. Bug never did it as a habit though, so I guess I'd just try to give her some active time after she eats but before bedtime to get things moving sooner, and if she does it in the tub...let her know that we don't poopie on the tub. I don't know. hehe!

    As far as the sippy cups, I have the playtex ones with the hard lids and smaller "nipple" parts. They've got the little leak-proof valves in the inside that work pretty well if they're in all the way and if the top is on. They're cheap and handle-less too. Someone else above mentioned them. We haven't had any trouble with that particular kind. Just don't lose the valve. :-)

  15. PS...I never check blogger anymore, but yours is the only one I get on to read every now and again so I can "catch up" with things. :-)

  16. I tagged you!


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