Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Spew Time

The Ramen that shall be discussed below.

Emma just being Emma-in her PJ's from this morning for the love.
This was taken around 6 pm.

You know what it's time for, baby.

*I am eating Ramen for dinner. And it is good. I wonder how J would feel about Ramen + a side once he returns??? With a side of WW stir fry veggies, it's practically Asian cuisine!

*I could not be a single parent. If you are one, I admire you. It is hard.

*Emma has pooped in the tub every night since J has been gone. Shoot me now.

*I taught Emma how to bark like a dog!

*I cannot wait to go to Nashvegas this weekend to see bestie and DPB!!!!!!!!!

*I have been keeping up with Couch To 5K. We are doing an official 5K in November. The same one from last year. I will beat my time of 48 minutes. No doubt. I'm doing it with some girls from school, we will kick it and take some names.

*My kid has worn pajamas to day care for the past two days. Did I mention it was hard to be a single parent? And get to work on time?

*I am addicted to romaine/spinach salad with goat cheese, slivered almonds, and craisins on it for lunch. I have been adding some grilled chicken for protein, but I could eat it without-it is soooo good! Plus a little homemade vinaigrette on top. Score.

*I'm really anxious about going out of town and leaving J to deal with everything. I've only been away from both of them once (BLOGGER CONVENCH 2010-WORD). It's not that I don't think he can do it (cause he can), it's the laundry, cleaning, prepping for next week, grocery, etc that I normally do on Sunday that I'm worried about. He's gonna have to do it all. I will be getting back in the late afternoon and I am such a control freak that I want it all done and done well. Get over it now Susannah is my mantra.

*I have been puttin' down on some WW snicker like ice cream bars. Dude, it is a full size "candy bar" for THREE points! It is soooo good!

*I'm not gonna be able to go to WW this weekend and I'm kinda nervous cause I won't be weighing in. For the love, have some self control this weekend!

*I have caught up on all SIX back issues of STAR mag that were on my nightstand. I will choose a new book from my own personal Barnes and Noble tonight! Yay! Choices, choices.........

*I have to grade some papers and make a few lesson plans tonight. Then I will read some blogs. And probably not comment. I'm sorry in advance. I have to prioritize. But I lurrrvve cleaning out my google reader on a daily basis. Again, control freak.

*I got to wear Nike shorts, tennis shoes, and a school spirit t shirt today for "Team Building" after school. It was awesome to come to school like that-I was so comfy and much more motivated! I wish my principal read my blog. Maybe he would institute "Majorly Casual Wear Your Work Out Clothes Day." Maybe not. Just a thought.

*Did I mention I love the Ramen? It's definitely going on next week's menu.

Word. Let's see some randomosity posts from you all too!


  1. Okay, random posts...............
    1. Do not feed J Ramen noodles next week (I mean if you want to stay married)!
    2. J will do fine with Emma but remember, he will be in control, not you!!
    3. Have fun with your Bestie and PB, visit your grandmother (if y'all can) and know that your mother is a little green with envy!!

  2. I love Ramen. I eat it alot on the nights I work late and J is in charge of dinner. That means he went to Stinky-D's and didn't get me anything. I concur that being single sux. But that is mainly bc my dogs bark all night long when he is not here so I get zero sleep! Love the sandbox idea by the way. I think Gracie may be getting one soon or I could use it as a Ghetto Christmas Present!! Along with all the McDonalds toys I plan on stuffing in her stocking! (Saving money all the time!!)

  3. I haven't had Ramen since, um, college? And now I want some.

    I also want to know how the hell single moms do it.

    I want to do the Couch to 5K.

    But not as much as I want to try those ice cream bars.

    I told Laura you requested a blog post.

  4. I don't know how single parents do it either. Couch to 5k is an app I definitely want come November/December when I get the old iPhone. and by old I mean brand spankin' new.

  5. You know how much I love the Ramen~ Cant wait to see you!!

  6. and we are DEF taking PB to meet granny, even if he is too heavy for her to hold.

  7. you freakin crack me up. miss you. i can't believe emma can bark like a dog. hilarious!!!!

  8. I am so sorry about the pooping and how adorable about the barking!! And have a blast in Nashville because it is probably the coolest city on the planet :P (although I am sure others will disagree!)

  9. You are so funny! The poop in the tub thing - oh man. That is one of the things no one tells you about having a kid! (Not that I'd know from experience.)

    I love the Wear Your Work Out Clothes to Work idea! Genius!

  10. Oh my.

    Randomosity at it's BEST!

    Poop in the tub

    Barking like a dog!!

    Hilarious. Could you video the barking (hope you didn't think I was going to say poop - eewwww!) & post it? Pretty pretty pretty please???

    And for real - Goat Cheese could make dried out spinach taste phenomenal!


    PS - I'm in for convench - promise no sickies!


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