Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Blogger's Convench 2010

OK, for the record, I use the term "Blogger's Convench" loosely. As in, three girlfriends ate, drank, walked, played, shopped, lounged, and kept eating. So loosely, in fact, that it was just the three of us. Mrs. Potts and Name Twin had some things come up and were unable to make it.

So, b.e.g. and Brittany and myself proceeded to paint the town red! We made up new sayings and quotes, as well as just thoroughly enjoyed each other's company.

Good times were had by all, and even though I probably only got three pics of actual people this weekend, I did manage to get a lot of food shots. Yeah, that was pretty much the theme of this weekend. Food, eating, cooking. Yeah.........what's up three and a half pound gain. Are you there? It's me, Susannah. Just checking.

-Arrived and went promptly to Olive Garden for unlimited soup, salad, and breadsticks.
-Shopped (at Old Navy, the Navy commissary, and the Navy liquor store. :D)
-Stayed in and made guacamole, salsa, cheese quesadillas and CAKE BALLS. And watched Sex and the City, first season, cause b.e.g. had never seen any episodes. I know!

b.e.g. and Brittany

Marvin-he is presh and goes by about 200 names-
especially since I gave him about 195 of them. :D

Someone's hand forming heaven a.k.a. oreo truffle cake balls.

Yours truly modeling Britt's apron after seven a few beers.

The infamous dryer. :D

Dipping said sinner truffle balls.

The half finished product. Oh.Em.Gee

All of those pictures were followed by Sex and the City and bed!


-Went downtown for lunch
-Walked ALL day and shopped/ate ice cream
-Went to the outlets. And continued shopping. Word

First up, Hyman's Seafood. We were greeted with boiled peanuts and decided it was not enough. So we ordered sweet potato fries.

Then we got the combo platter, which was SEVEN choices off the menu, with hushpuppies, coleslaw, and TWO sides. Dude, WTH were we thinking??? We got: fried shrimp, calamari, fried oysters, deviled crab, shrimp and grits, fried scallops, apparently another item that I cannot remember, collard greens, fries, a heart attack....................

And after...
Oh, wait, let me lick that plate of shrimp and grits.

Modeling a heinous necklace in the old slave market.

And again, modeling a hat in Saks. Which PS, was going out of
business and severely picked over.
Case in point. The hat.

This for Gwen. :D

This is for Hopsy. Insert fake squeal here. I'm sure
she doesn't read my blog, but here's the Lilly store.
Which we entered, acted like we could afford anything in there,
and promptly got eye cussed by the sales girls. I did find a presh skirt,
but it was about 1 foot long and cost 150$. Ridic. And then we left.

Afternoon ice cream at Ye Olde Ice Cream Parlour.
Strawberry cheesecake, yes, please.

The three of us. Signing the International Blogger's Convench Treaty of 2010.

Dinner on Saturday night. High rollers.
We were exhausted after shopping/walking all day.
So, we went and got some frozen pizzas and had date night with
Britt's hubby Patrick. We ate pizza, homemade popcorn, and continued
watching Sex and the City, season 1. We are partiers y'all! And, for the record, there were
four pieces of pizza left! We didn't eat it all!


-Woke up late and ate an awesome veggie quiche thing that Britt made
-Went to the beach on James Island (Folly Beach)
-Ate at Taco Boy-yum
-Bought an umbrella and had a Griswold moment on the beach
-Layed out and read for a few hours
-Showered and actually put on make up
-Went to Jestine's Kitchen upon recommendation of my stalker friend at Taco Boy

Outside of Jestine's Kitchen

Random picture placement-crap! These are all out of order
after all of my planning and hard work. Grrrr!

Moving on-hello pretty. She came home with me from
Coach on Saturday night. :D Heart happy. She is
actually not white, but cream leather. Of all my many Coach
bags, none are cream. They are alllllll dark leather.

b.e.g. installing the umbrella holder. Note to self: don't try to
"screw" am umbrella holder into packed, hard sand.
Poor girl was working those lats like nobody's business.

Britt getting ready for umbrella installation

Me-self portrait

The Griswold moment-the wind was blowing at mach 10
and our umbrella was literally sideways.

Again with the random pic placement-us Sunday
night outside of Jestine's.

And again. Why does my arm look like a side of bacon??

b.e.g. modeling the Nashville salt shaker for LG. :D

Umm, the reason I gained 3.5 pounds-this dinner is one pound.
Fried chicken (two breasts!), mac and cheese, and fried okra.
But, I "shared" the okra with Brittany. I think she ate 2 pieces.
I ate some of her collard greens.

Brittany is saying, "Yeah, I ordered that!"
And, totes random, she looks naked.
I promise, she was clothed.

The end!

It was glorious, fabulous, tremendous!

I learned a lot about Navy life.

I miss my girls already!

Blogger convench 2011-Atl or DC ladies??


Who else out there has met up with bloggers and had a BLAST??


  1. Wow...you girls had a whole lot of fun! Good times for sure!

  2. Man, what a weekend! So glad you had so much fun!

  3. Oh I love Hymans! Yum! I've never been to Jestines so I'll definitely have to try it out now.

  4. Sounds like y'all had a blast! And you only gained 3 1/2 pounds? I gained 5 just looking at the pictures!!

  5. So intensly jealous of all the fun (and great Southern food) you had!!!

    Great pictures! Thanks for sharing!

  6. 1. I'm jealous!!! I want to come to the next Convench!!! :)
    2. I love that seeing a store like Louis Vuitton makes you immediately think of me and my crazy obsession.
    3. All of this food has me drooling now.
    4. Love your new Coach. That's a timeless bag and a great size too!!!
    5. Once again so jealous but so happy you three had a fabulous time!!!


  7. Ummm, I vote DC so that I CAN COME! Or I could fly to atlanta, either is fine. :) Looks like a blast!

  8. Fantastic update with lots of great pictures = perfection. I will not be left out next time! Soon as your nephew gets done crimpin my style , its ON! ha

  9. I LOVE THIS POST!!! It is just so fabulous...the pictures are just perfect. I looked at them several times and sad that I wasn't in them. So glad you had fun and I can't wait to hit up the 2011 bash. :)

  10. I love this!! I wish I could go back this weekend!! I miss you!

  11. that looks sooo fun. I want to join you girls next time :) how far was it for you?! I'm planning to go see her in the fall with my little Emeline!

  12. Oh, girl, I want you all back here! I miss you and this fun! After you left, Patrick was all, "You were like a little girl playing joyfully when they were here!" And I was! And I want that back! Love ya, girly!

  13. Great pictures & a fun recap!

    Love your new baby - so so pretty!

    Food looks so yum. Wish it could have been in my tum. :(

    Telling you what I told Brit - you'd have wanted none of what I was giving.

    So sad to have missed out!

  14. This looks like so much fun! I've never met bloggy friends IRL. So glad you got to have a great weekend with the girls.


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