Thursday, June 24, 2010

Camera Question

Calling all you DSLR camera girls and boys!

My friend b.e.g. and I were talking about taking our nice cameras on our blogger trip this weekend. We need to know how other people take their cameras around-besides the obvious-a camera bag.

I have a very nice LowePro bag, but it is large and in charge. It will not fit in my carry on bag. So, tomorrow when I fly, I plan to wrap my camera in a few t-shirts and put it in a plastic shoebox that fits in my carry on suitcase. This is the only way I will travel on a plane with my camera because A) I'm not checking it and B) I have to have more than just a camera carry on bag when flying. I tried to fit the whole LowePro bag in the suitcase last night and it just wasn't happening. So, what I want to know is, how do you travel safely with your nice camera when you don't want to/can't take the whole kit-n-caboodle?

Tips/suggestions please. We leave tomorrow!!!


  1. Ummmmmmmm, my suggestion would be to take your wonderful, sweet, loving mother with you and let her carry it! :-) ♥ have tons of fun!!

  2. I cant believe you didnt call me about this! I know you know, that I am the queen of traveling with tons of gadgets! dang!

  3. When you find out....let me know. I went to Cabo recently and left my nice camera at home and took my point and shoot. I totally regretted it!


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