Sunday, June 6, 2010

Ten Months

Dear Emma,
You are ten months old. Where did the time go? I cannot believe that you are almost one year old! It is crazy how fast time is flying.

You are such a busy girl! You have started "cruising" trying to walk! You do not like to be idle for a single minute! You must have all of your toys and/or someone's attention to be happy. If I try to go do something and you are unoccupied, you will crawl/drag your leg and pull up on my legs and beg to be picked up. You still love your paci and love to snuggle with your lovey.

You are so not into food. Dr. C suggested that I start giving you "real" food. You were not down with it. We have tried baby ravioli, cheese, bananas, and mandarin oranges. Recently we tried baby food with chunks in it. You were definitely not a fan of that either. When are you going to find out all that is good with food? I wonder.

You have a silly giggle and it really gets going when daddy kisses your neck or tosses you around. You have also started to become very verbal, and your latest thing is saying/waving "Bye-bye!" You also like to smile and show your two front teeth.

Daddy and Pops bought a train whistle last weekend and you LOVE it. You jump about ten feet when we blow it. Then you smile like you understand what is going on.

Your firsts this month are: going in a pool (kiddie and big girl pool), going in a float, trying to put on a life jacket, seeing and "blowing" bubbles, sleeping with a baby pillow, and you have had your first pro photo shoot. The pictures were outrageously cute. (I will post them later).

Little one, you are so full of life! Every time you wake up, you greet me with a smile and your outstretched arms. That makes mommy soooo happy! I love it!

You are truly a gift from above. We love you dearly!

Momma and Daddy

Smiling girl

Hmmm, what does this letter say??

It's about me!

It's good!


Mommy, I can do it!


  1. What a big girl! Love her dress.

  2. That dress! That bow! Your thin legs! I am officially jealous of you and that sweet baby girl! I can't help saying it again...I want one just like her!

  3. Holy hot legs, mama!`

  4. Oh my! She is sooooooo cute!! :)


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