Sunday, June 6, 2010

Baby Food Hell

Seriously, I am in it right now.

Emma is 10 months old. She is still only eating stage 2 foods. She is not really into using a sippy cup-I have tried them all. She just started eating puffs and those baby "cheetos" things. She has 2 teeth fully in with 2 more on the way.

The doctor told me to start giving her real food-I have tried! Girlfriend turns down ANYTHING that I give her. If, for some reason, it actually makes it to her mouth, she makes an awful cringing/gagging face and most of the times will spit it out.

She has had: baby cheese ravioli with no sauce, mandarin oranges, bananas, cheese, and some pieces of a muffin. She has not eaten or liked ANY of them. I have shoved them in her mouth and she promptly gags, spits it out and turns away. If I try to let her put them in her mouth, she will mush them around and look at them. Someone suggested it was the texture, and to try stage 3 foods.

So, Friday I bought 2 jars of stage 3 foods-some turkey/rice mixture and some chicken/noodle mixture. I just tried to give her the turkey and rice and she gagged on bite one. I got four bites in her before she totally freaked.

Now, I know she isn't used to all the textures and whatnot, but what am I supposed to do to get her used to it? Please, someone give me some advice.

I am not sure what else to do/try. I kept on with all those solids for about a week, and she never would put one in her mouth on her own. I don't want each mealtime to be a fight and have her associate "badness" with eating.

I am going to be feeding this kid pureed baby food until kindergarten..........shoot me.

If you have any ideas/experience, please share!!!


  1. Girlfriend, you are hilar!

    In all seriousness, one of my girlfriends had the same issue with her baby girl. She refused to eat solids and gagged every time something nonpureed was put in her mouth.

    She started off by making her smoothies, and progressively making them chunkier, because babygirl refused to eat fruit and that's a no-no when you're a lil' munchkin.

    She also would eat whatever she fed her daughter, kind of showing that everyone eats the same food and did the "happy mommy" show while eating the same food with her daughter.

    I'm not sure how you're situated, but if there's any way you and J could be eating with her at the table and her in the high chair, and all eat the same thing, it might show her some cohesiveness? She might be viewing her food as her food and eating table food as not meant for her.

    Texture might also be a factor, so maybe slowly lessen the amount of puree in her food, that'd mean you'd have to do the food prep yourself and not use the jarred foods?

    She also might be a stubborn diva, in which case, puffs and yogurt melts until she's 5!

    Love and miss! XOXO

  2. Oh Emmabears what will we do with you?

  3. First off, don't panic: I know I'm not a mom, but as a nanny, I saw several babies all adapt to solid foods at drastically different rates.

    I agree that homemade stuff might be better. You can control the texture more that way. And smoothies could be good, too.

    Is she on formula, or the boob? Have you tried mixing the food in with her formula, breast milk? The cereals, etc.? That sometimes helps!

  4. You know, I just heard today about a place that makes wedding cakes out of pureed stuff (I mean for those that never get to the real food?) Do they serve stage 2 baby food in elementary school? LOL! Just kidding Sus! ♥

  5. ok....well first of all, i just started giving my girl whatever we were eating chicken, porkchops, noodles veggies, etc and just put it in the food processor and grinded it up an maybe added a little water. i stopped buying baby food long ago. also I always give her puffs cheerios while she is sitting in the high chair so she can figure out how to feed herself. she got it in a few days. As for the sippy cup. i took away her bottle on her first b-day for good and she wouldnt have anything to do with the cup for about a day and a half, but she figured it out after that and loves the cup. She will not starve I promise. Just be patient and try diff things.

  6. Bug wouldn't eat stage 3 either, and she eats pretty much any and everything. Call me--we went through this. Don't stress. Too much to write and no energy. This is the first time I've checked blogger in a while, but I gotta hit the hay. I'll tell you what we did via phone. Miss you!

  7. Hmmm...I have a secret emersion blender. It was $40 at Williams Sonoma Outlet. I take whatever we have for dinner, add in a little water, blend/puree, and wha-la. Baby food. I've done that with Little Man and Little Bit and they have both easily transitioned to table foods. I wonder if Emma would do the same. Btw, mine have NEVER liked stage three. They have always gagged. Little Bit MIGHT eat half a jar, but then it's all over. I hope you find a solution. Baby food until kindergarten isn't the end of the world. :)

  8. Hi there...I hopped over from J's blog ~ "Wanting What I Have" and I notice I am next to comment after fun is that? I think J has wise advice. And maybe if she sees that it is what everyone else is eating it will go over really well. :) AND...if not, she will NOT be eating mushed up stuff till kindergarten...really, she won't! My oldest was a year old before ANY solids went into his mouth, or belly for that matter...and he is now nearly six feet tall. He's adjusted just fine. ;-)


  9. Does she like bananas? Maybe give her a little out of the jar, and then give her some you've mashed up a little with a fork. I have no idea, really, but good luck!


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