Friday, June 18, 2010

Vacay Recap!

Well, since our return from all the medical drama, we have been playing, eating, laying out, playing, eating some more, and just generally relaxing! Srsly, I am going to have to lock it down when I get back home tomorrow. I have been consuming insane amounts of calories and NOT doing much to get rid of it. I am actually scared to weigh myself on Sunday morning. But, I suppose I must so that on Friday morning when I leave for my CHARLESTON GIRL'S BLOGGER CONVENCH 2010 I am not a total hog.

So, let's see what we've been getting up to on vacay.

First up, we have Miss Emeline being presh in her bathing
suit. She is sporting two "devil horns" for her hairdo by the
pool. Very cute Emma, very cute!

Emma and daddy. Daddy may or may not have indulged in too much sun with out sunscreen. Don't even get me started on the non use of sunscreen on our beach trips. Boyfriend has turned PURPLE before and still conveniently "forgets" to put it on! For the love............

Emma and mommy. Who may or may have not worn makeup or fixed hair since leaving LAST Saturday. Glorious days they are. I really hate makeup and hair fixin'.

Emma perfecting her pirate face. Argh matey! And, girlfriend has friggin ringworm next to her mouth. Anyone have any ideas on getting rid of it quickly?? She has been to the doctor and they said to keep putting Lotrimin on it, but it's just still there. Blech, I want it to go away!

Alright, so Thursday we went to Sliders Bar and Grill for lunch. Yeah, this is mine. A steak and fry salad. With portobellos, mixed greens, a few tomatoes, bleu cheese, and nice ranch dressing. Delicious!
This is the before picture.

And after.
I ate all the goods out.

And her is little one occupying herself while we (I) finish eating. :D

Modeling her new smocked bathing suit. It's a bit big-it's a twelve month.
Excuse the nerple hanging out.

Emma and daddy in the fish bubble suit that Nonnie got/made her.

How is it that I've gone to the beach about 3 times per year for 31 years and NEVER noticed that the trunk of a palm tree looks like this.?? I thought it was cool.

And, last night here dinner at Gennaro's Italian. Umm, one word-yum!
J got this pizza.

I got this submarine seafood manicotti.
Marvin Gaye's "Sexual Healing" is playing in my head right now.

Overall, it's been a most fun time of chilling and laying on the beach. My most favorite time of day has been right before we start getting ready for dinner and we are sitting down on the beach as a family, maybe having a beer or two and just watching the waves and people. It rocks.
I am, however, ready to get home to my puppy dogs and my bed! I have a lot to do before the BLOGGER CONVENCH 2010! Can you tell I'm soooo excited??? :D
On another note, I stopped pumping on Thursday. I am doing my sissy's way of just wearing a tight sports bra and we will see what happens. They are getting quite uncomfortable now. Not heinous, but not awesome. Any ideas to share??


  1. Somhow I missed the whole ordeal with Em's eye while yall were gone. I can't believe Doc #1 diagnosed without knowing for sure! Scary! Glad that all is well and glad that y'all had a great vacay!

  2. Sounds like too much fun and a good job of relaxing! Your suntanned boyfriend is a cutie! Be careful going home!!

  3. So glad you've had a great vacay (minus the doctor trip). Sweet little baby girl. LOVE her devil horns. We don't have quite enough hair to go there yet. :)

    I gradually reduced my pumping times until I was pumping once a day and then went like a day and a half and gradually went to every other day...I took about three or four weeks to totally quit. (Like, I just completely quit a few weeks ago) I just couldn't take the discomfort. (And I was getting a clogged duct and had had mastitis early on so...) Best wishes! You've kept it up so long and so well. I am so proud of you! Way to go!!!

  4. You are the cutest little family, ever! Love the pics!

    See you sofreakinsoon for our convench!!

  5. I think we need T-shirts...Blogging Convench 2010!


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