Sunday, June 20, 2010

Emma's Shopping Spree

Well, first of all, Happy Father's Day to my buh-bee. A little late on the bandwagon of Father's Day wellwishers, but nonetheless, Happy FD baby! And to my Parpa and J's Pops! You all rock!

To celebrate, we took hubby to Bass Pro for a shopping spree. It is in the Discover Mills Mall. After hubby spent his giftcard, we walked around the mall. Emma got set up on some good stuff!

First up, Toys-R-Us. We may or may not have purchased Emma's awesome wagon! While there, we got Emma a cute pair of "rocker" PJ's by Amy Coe. She also needed a new white t-shirt. I'm sure she is the first baby ever to stain a white t-shirt. How rude of her! :D She also got two pairs of cotton shorts to go with her Amelia Island t-shirt and other plain onesies.
Then, the Gymboree Outlet. Right on. She got a strawberry dress
and a green seersucker dress with watermelons on it. Too cute!

Again from Gymboree, two cute pairs of PJ's with open toes.

And again, a presh polka dot dress.

Holy mother of PJ's load at the Children's Place Outlet.
We got all three of these giant zip up PJ's for 21$.

What did you all do today? Find any good deals??


  1. Dang ! Emmabears got a whole new wardrobe! I like the watermelon dress best!

  2. Awe...I love the polka dot dress!!! Too cute!!! XOXO

  3. Super cute clothes! Love the seersucker watermelon dress - how precious.

  4. I vote for the watermelon dress with the polka-dot a close second! Let me see Emma model and I may re-vote! ♥

  5. Hi, i found your blog through a comment on Brittany's (living in the moment).
    Your little girl is adorable!
    All these girl clothes are so cute! I'm looking forward to having a girl one day so i can buy all those cute clothes too! =)

  6. I love that polka dot dress! so cute!


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