Saturday, June 12, 2010

Florida Vacation-Griswold Style-Part I

Yo peeps! We are officially in Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island. After leaving at 10:15 am and arriving at 4:45 pm, we were ready to set up shop, briefly explore, and eat some dinner. Our condo is ah.may.zing. Seriously. We could fit at least 5 people in here. This may become our new go to place! Check out the pictures below.

The kitchen-very spacious.

The entryway-looking into the den

The bar and eating area. Lots of room!
The living room-it has a lot of seating/stretching out areas.
We have a beautiful balcony overlooking the ocean.

The master bedroom-the light on hubby's side wouldn't turn on....
There is a laundry room, walk in closet, and master bath down this little
hall in our room on the right.

Yeah, notice the nice balcony overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.
This will be sweet to wake up to.

The giant balcony!

Again, the balcony stretching the length of the condo,
down to our room!

See those people riding horses on the beach??
How fun and exciting! Maybe this is something
we can buy? Although I'm not sure what we would
do with Loo.

Our boardwalk to the beach. Good thing my friend Jill
lent us her wagon to pull all of our Griswold themed
beach items...

The horses again!

So, after we got to the condo and unpacked all of the junk stuff I brought, we decided to find a little, casual place to eat. We went to historic downtown Amelia Island and ate at Kelley's Courtyard Cafe. It was a cute, small place with tasty seafood, local faves, and a laid back atmosphere. It was a kind of hipster, LG kind of place to go. Emma was passed out when we parked the car, but by the time we got her into the stroller and started rolling through downtown, girlfriend was WIDE awake! Ha! She did behave, and miracle of all miracles, she ate two bites of cheese grits from my plate, and a few bites of roasted squash and carrots! Yay! It was off of my fork, so that may be part of the appeal to real food with her.

Tomorrow we plan on beaching it, swimming in the pool, and exploring more of the town. If anyone has been here before and has some suggestions on things to do and see, please share! I will update with our experiences throughout the week! We are here till next Saturday for the first annual Griswold family vacay!

PS-big shout out to my MIL who is staying at our house babysitting our fur babies. They don't function well in the kennel and we appreciate her keeping them!

What is in store for you all this upcoming week?


  1. Well, since your condo would hold at least five, why isn't your favorite mother with you???
    Y'all have fun, keep posting lots of pictures, and give Miss Em a hug from me!

  2. Dang! Super jealous. That looks awesome and you guys totally need a good Vacay! Get some strangers to take some good pics of all 3 of you!
    I am kind of laughing picturing how much you probably packed for this trip!
    I just realized why amelia island sounded so familiar. Erik and I went there once! That is close to Yulee, Fl, or somewhere I had to go for work with SSW back in the day! Cool historic town, LONG drive.
    I kind of think there was alot of pirate type stuff around.

  3. Dittoing LG, super jeally! I can't wait to see more pics!

  4. Oh fun! I am just so ready to be on vacation.

  5. I used to live in Kingsland GA and worked in Fernandina. Such a cool town and the beach there was beautiful. I hope you are enjoying yourself (if you are still there). If you are, check out Barbara Jeans - best food ever!


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