Saturday, September 18, 2010

Back to Basics

So, I'm going back to my bloggin' roots!

I haven't done a Menu Monday or Weight Watchers Wednesday in AGES!

So, even though it's Saturday, I am going to dazzle you with my menu planning skills and even tell you about my sucky week at Weight Watchers. And share some stuff and beg for advice/feedback. Please and thank you. :)

Moving right along. Husband is going out of town next week, which means I get to eat like a single girl! Fun, for a little while. My grocery bill will probably be about 30$ since I won't have to do a meat/starch/veg and all that jazz!

I was going through the pantry and found 3 packs of Ramen and a box of Kraft mac, and srsly entertained the idea of making that my dinner for the week. What, it's not like you've never done it.

However, I revised that menu due to sodium death my advanced palate, and came up with this instead:

Monday-Ravioli soup (new recipe from Parents mag.)
Tuesday-the aforementioned box of mac-n-cheese with some sugar snap peas
Wednesday-Ramen and WW stir fry vegetables
Thursday-Chicken Hamburger Helper/frozen vegetable (he returns tonight-and he may leave a again after he sees this menu!)
Friday-Sunday-out of town to love on DPB (he belongs to bestie)

I shall make the following week's menu while at bestie's house and email husband a grocery list. He will get to go to Krogs and do the shopping and be me! How exciting for him. :)

Now that I look back over that menu, it is very sad and unfortunate. Please take a moment to think of the menu. It needs some love.

On another note, I rejoined Weight Watchers about a month ago. Not sure if I told y'all. Anyway, I have been going back and forth on the gain loss cycle. For the love. I am over it. I have SEVEN pounds till goal.Why is this so stinkin' hard? I know what it's not happening-I am just not doing enough to take control. But seriously, I am not going to bust my a** to get there and then have it come back because I go back to real life. I am saying, I cannot start exercising five days a week and eating only salad, because when I get those pounds off and go back to life (exercising three days a week and eating normally/healthfully), I will go up again. I just have to keep watching, tracking, and maybe I need to chill on the number, a.k.a. scale victory. I just really want to be in a size 6 and I'm not even sure why. I guess cause in the WW book the goal weight I chose was almost to the minimum end for my height. But I'm still in the normal range of weight.

Also, I'm doing WW with some work girlfriends, and this is helping, but then when I eat some crap they are telling me, "No, no!" :D Which is good-guilt helps. I tweeted about this the other day, but we started Couch to 5K last week. We are about to start week 2. Pray that I can make it through the jogging portion, for the love. I don't run. I speed walk.

So, what can you tell me as far as food items? I am about to vom from the grilled chicken salad for lunch. I am trying to only eat filling foods-kind of like the Core plan, if you remember that. I think you were only allowed one bread item per day. Which is fine, but I dig my whole wheat bagel thin with WW cream cheese for breakfast, and I need my minibag of Jiffy Pop 1 pt popcorn for snack.

All that to tell you that I am up 0.4 this week and that makes me mad!!!

Do share some ideas of your daily food intakes pls. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!

Also, does Couch to 5K count as enough exercise?? Anyone done this??

So, I will try to get back to regular menu posting and WW updates.

What is going on with you all in the food items/dieting/working out/life arena?? Do share!


  1. I think I would have had all the ramen and mac n' cheese while bubs was gone, so no, not judging!

    If your IRL life allows you to do working out 3x a week and eat healthfully and splurge on occasion, then go for that! It sounds reasonable and doable for life! You dont want to do a psychocrazy schedule and diet that you can't keep up. It just means that you'll lose weight slowly, but surely on the doable schedule rather than the accelerated path!

    That having been said, I tend to have the following for my lunch (and by lunch, I mean a holy hot mess pile of snacks that constitute lunch):

    - Lite Wasa crackers with laughing cow cheese on top (if I'm not in public, I'll eat the crackers with tuna and the laughing cow mixed into it, I don't dig tuna breath when seeing clients or seeing people in general!)
    - Watermelon
    - Activia yogurt
    - Grapes
    - Apple with nut butter OR apple with string cheese
    - Banana and nut butter
    - Lara bars for snack - only 1/2 of one
    - Oranges
    - Cherry grapes
    - Pineapple or peach

    Sometimes I'll heat up lentils and have that with some cheese and a bit of balsamic vinegarette on tops of's kind of warm and comforting lol!

    My coworker heats up turkey deli meat slices with some cheese and then sandwiches that between a mini bagel for lunch - it looks good to me!

    That's what I tend to eat throughout the day, we have Hugh Jass salads a couple times a week, maybe make some chili and portion them into 1 cup containers and then heat that up at lunchtime and put it on top of lettuce-cheese-tomatoes-and eat that? The taco salads are usually my favorite!

    Okay, that's enough food talk..I'm hungry now!

    Miss you!!! XOXO

  2. I think your menu sounds delish!

    I have tried C25K a few times, but have never completed it- I think it is enough exercise.

    I like to eat laughing cow with celery stalks, cheddar squares, and 100 calories packs for something sweet!

  3. Hey girl!

    I'm so glad I found your blog (thru the comment you left on mine :)
    I wanted to tell you about the slipcovers I made for my bed...I didnt sew them! I am happy to tell you that I glue-gunned the crap out of those things! Just drape the fabric over your headboard and then glue down the sides. Easy peasy!

  4. Will you share the recipe for Ravioli soup if it's any good please? I won't blame Jason if he waits until Friday to show up due to the hamburger helper!!! Seriously, anything you are doing is way bettter than what I think about doing! ♥ya!

  5. Ravioli soup sounds really good. Not sure why, but it does.


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