Thursday, October 15, 2009

Weight Watchers Thursday

So, tonight was my meeting. I am down 1.8 pounds from last week. I really like the meetings-not only do they hold me accountable, I also get to have a discussion with other ladies and gentlemen on what they are doing to help with their weight loss. Very good. I will be kicking it up a notch and hope to see more results next week. I have to get ready for the 5K too! I joined a gym this week and LOVE.IT. It's really nice-check it out, Atlanta Fitness. Tonight I did 2.45 miles in 40 minutes. Not good, but better than nothing-from the recovering smoker. I'm surprised I can even do that! I burned 240 calories! Yay me!

Also, today is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Rememberance Day. Some of you know that I have lost two babies-they would be 3 and 4 now. I might tell that story another day. I also know that many, many of you have experienced the loss of an infant or even child. Let's all remember one another today and pray hard! I think about my babies a lot-even now, especially now with Emma. But, I know God has a plan, and one day I will see my sweet babies again. Won't you please say a prayer for people who have experienced this loss?

Tomorrow is Friday, happy almost weekend!!!


  1. Thinking of you Sus! You will get to see them again one day! I am so happy for you that you now have a happy healthy little girl! Praying for you you to have many more too! Way to go on the weight loss! I have to get with it I just don't think I would be good at WW because I am not good at counting stuff out and planning ahead!

  2. Yayyy go Sus!!! I'm so happy to hear you're doing well with everything and staying healthy, yay for quitting smoking, that makes me super happy and super proud and I know it's ROUGH when you try and quit! Will send you an email soon! :)

  3. That brought tears to my eyes. I never thought about the age they would be now, until now. As much as you gave Emmabears life, she also brought you back to life after all those hard years and it is a beautiful thing to see my bestie. I love you so much and am really happy about your taking charge of life and doing all these wonderful things.*Very Proud*

  4. I am so glad to hear you are doing so well. You sound so happy in all of your posts. Babies just make everything better. :) I need to be getting to the gym more and working out. It is so hard to make it to the gym with going back to work, I need to start planning ahead better. I also am going to start doing some 5Ks.

  5. Great job on the weight loss! How good of a feeling that must be! Keep it up!
    War Eagle.

  6. Susannah,
    Congrats on your weight loss! That is awesome! My husband has me doing P90X with him...trying to trim is KICKIN' MY REAR!! :)

    On a more serious note, I had no idea you'd been through such hard losses. I see little ones the ages mine would be and I hurt, too, thinking about what might have been. But, I'm with you, God has a plan. It's just hard sometimes.


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