Friday, October 23, 2009

Oh, no she didn't!!!!!

OK, so I have a story to tell you! And I'm gonna get all riled up about it too! So get ready for some ranting!

As most of you know, husband's aunt was here from out of town to visit with Emma this week. While she was here, I had the opportunity to go run lots of overdue errands that are somewhat hampered when toting an infant. So, like any normal person, I jumped on this chance to get lots of things accomplished. One thing on my list was to make an appointment with a personal trainer at the gym I joined last week. Upon joining, you are granted a one hour "consult" with a trainer. I thought, "Why not?" It's a great way to learn a little routine that can help you workout, and to learn how to use all of those machines in the gym.

Now, I want to say right now, that I am NOT one of those people who has the time OR money to hire a "personal" trainer. But since this was included in my sign up fee, I took advantage of it. Otherwise, I would have NEVER done this. I'd also like to say, "Hi" to my friend Brittany who IS a personal trainer, and a DARN good one at that! This is not a rant on personal trainers, more of one on THIS trainer!

So, I go in a bit early and meet my trainer, whom we will call X. We start chatting about my health history and goals. Within five minutes, I did not like her. I told her about my tendonitis, and how I was most likely about to have surgery to correct it. X told me that was awful and a huge mistake, if I would just get my weight under control and get on a better diet, it would correct itself. WHAT? I'm sorry, but I'm not FAT. I am overweight, by about 20 pounds, but I don't think if I lose 20 pounds and eat vegetables that my tendonitis will "heal itself." She kept going on and on about letting in germs and toxins and how surgery should never be considered. Hmm, wonder what she would think if SHE needed a C-section? That was strike one.

Strike two came when we were discussing my diet. I informed her that I was on Weight Watchers to lose my weight, in conjunction with exercising at the gym. I told her I had a healthy diet. She said, "Do you eat meat and dairy?" I answered, "Well, yes, I'm sane normal." (Just kidding vegans! :D) She said, "Then you don't have a healthy diet." I'm sorry, but again, WHAT? I don't think you have to be a vegan or a vegetarian to have a healthy diet. All of that is personal preference, and I do not like someone telling me that their opinion is right, and my opinion is wrong. That is why they are called opinions!

Strike three was at the end of our session. X talked me through a routine for me, and I enjoyed the working out portion. When we were finished, we sat down to discuss the routine and my goals. I must have been HIGH because I honestly didn't realize we were going to have a "Hit the customer up for cash" discussion. We were just sitting there having a pretty good convo, when all of a sudden, X is like, "OK, so for the 8 sessions you will need to see results, it will cost you $264." I think my head spun around. I was like, "Excuse me?" I was seriously so flustered, that I started EXPLAINING MYSELF to her. Telling her that I had a new baby, a prorated paycheck and other things that I was currently spending my money on. Then asking her if I could do a discounted package. Then I came down from my HIGH and said, "I will have to sleep on it. I'm not comfortable spending this amount without discussing it with my husband." Then X has the gall to say to me, "It's not his body, now is it?" She also informed me that I would not be able to achieve my goal of losing 20 pounds unless I had a personal trainer. I seriously felt like I was being bullied into paying her! I immediately mumbled something about going to do cardio, and y'all I ran like a friggin demon for 20 minutes, I was soooo pissed off!

Then, I left and talked to husband. After talking to him, I decided to call the gym manager and lodge a complaint. I will let you know what happens once I talk to him. I would hate to drop the "blog bomb" on him. That would be, "Excuse me sir, I am a VERY influential blogger, and I would really hate to have to blog about this experience." Ha! Oops, too late! But seriously, your thoughts and comments please. I am still trying to simmer down!


  1. I knew the damn gym was bad for you!!! (J/K)
    She needs to get a life, just not yours!!! Hang in there sweet girl, you are doing just fine BUT I didn't see any "weight watchers wednesday?"
    Did ya go?
    Love you always!!!!

  2. Well sounds like that lady pretty much didn't know what she was talking about. ha I had a trainer before I got married and he pretty much said if I stuck to his work out I could eat pretty much what I wanted. Within reason and I would lose weight. Which I did. Just stick to what your doing on your own. :)

  3. Oh, hun, no offense taken. As a trainer, I interact far too many of these You Know Whats.

    First off, let me say this. It can be considered ILLEGAL for her to talk to you about diet. She is NOT a licensed, registered dietician, and her giving you diet advice makes the gym liable for something she isn't licensed to do. TELL THE MANAGER THIS. He will understand what this means (and it's not pretty) and she may very well get fired for this. As she should. This isn't to say diet isn't important, but veganism isn't the ONLY WAY, and regardless, this isn't her job. Trainers exercise; they don't meal plan.

    Two, she sounds horribly uneducated. Like, I'm a bit of a hippie myself, but 20 pounds - recently post baby mind you - NO WAY I'd say no surgery. Again, she's operating outside of her licensure. You can sue the gym for this, should something happen to you per her advice. She is not a physical therapist; she is not a doctor. SHE IS NOT LEGALLY ALLOWED TO ADVISE YOU IN THIS MANNER.

    The money thing is annoying, too, and just downright tacky. A lot of gyms do that kind of crap, though. I find it offensive (that's why I only teach classes through a gym and train private clients all on my own, so I don't have to do that stuff) but its becoming par for the course in a lot places. And this chick apparently had no tact. BAD COMBO.

    You have every right to be ticked off. I'd be righteously P-O-d, and I've been in this business for 7+ years.

    BTW, if you get nothing from the manager, ask who she is licensed under. And then contact them. They should know that one of their sanctioned trainers is operating outside her licensure. If you don't know who they are, tell me. I'll find the board for you.

    Ugh, I feel for you, and I wanna smack X for giving everyone a bad taste about trainers, because this kind of thing ruins it for everyone.

    You have just inspired a Workout Wednesday, I believe.

  4. We watch Biggest Loser every week and they push Jennie-O which is meat and they always throw in their drink milk speeches too! Obviously I am watching way more than I am getting up and moving but tell her if it is good enough for Bob and Jillian than it is good enough for you! Did you tell her, her life started as a milk drinker! Good Night!

  5. Oh, no. She did not.

    I have to agree with Brittany, she is giving advice WAYYYYY outside of her area of expertise. This is the psychologist in me talking, but positive psychology is the way to approach weight loss and exercising. You should not tell people point-blank, "Girl, you're dead wrong on the diet and exercising" but instead be like, "That's great you're eating a balanced diet! Keep it up! Maybe add more fruits and veggies" or some generic comment like that. My point being, this trainer lady was knocking you down when the only thing you're trying to do is take care of yourself. And that last point is what she needed to be emphasizing and encouraging you to continue.

    I'm proud of you for giving her a try for one whole session, because I would have had steam coming out my ears!

    I'd call the manager too, that woman needs to not be treating people that way!! Screw her, keep up the awesome awesome work, pretty lady!

  6. I love your trainer friend. She summed that up right nice! The girl should not speak to things she isnt trained for and I think it is especially tacky for someone working in a gym to purposely try and make you feel bad about yourself so you will hire them. This is the reason I got to the YMCA and not a private gym. No sales pitches/pressure. I am uber proud of all your WW and working out and Im not just saying that! You are doing great! Make sure to post about your phone call with the Manager


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