Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Y'all-this is a freaking deathtrap. Oh. I have such a dramatic story to share with you all. So, today I had to go get an MRI on my wrist. I must have been HIGH to agree to this. When the orthopaedist suggested it, I was all like, "Sure, yah, great-let's find the problem!" And he was all like, "OK, so you've had one, you're okay with this??" And I'm all, "Sure, yah, go for it-I've had something like this done before." (That would be a CT SCAN from when I thought I had kidney stones-I now know the difference!!! One is a coffin, the other is a doughnut.)

Y'all, I'm not gonna lie-IT.WAS.AWFUL! I think I blacked out. So, I get changed into scrubs, go into the giant magnet room and lay on the tray thing-all the while, not noticing what is behind me. I'm like, "Sweet, I can take a nap!" They arranged me and told me to put my headphones on (so I could hear some bullsh** 80's breakout songs) and then they pushed this button and I started going in this coffin thing. IT.WAS.AWFUL. I immediately freaked-I had to get out. I couldn't stand it-and it was going to take THIRTY MINUTES. No m'am. Now I am not claustrophobic, or at least I thought I wasn't. They had to talk me off the ledge. I was like, "Can't you put me in the other way? Is this the only way to see my wrist? Does this qualify me for a sedative? Blah, blah, blah" Finally, they had to give me a blindfold and tell me they would talk to me throughout the MRI-I was praying NONSTOP for God to chill me out. It was ridic. And the bad thing is, I was so nervous, my hands must have been shaking, because at one point, the lady had to REDO a part of it because of my movements. Blech-I was nauseous, I thought I might throw up in the coffin. Ugh, it's still giving me the willies. And do you know what is awesome-I will probably need another one on my right wrist. NO THANKS-I will deal with it. Has anyone else had this problem? I think I may be having issues in my "advanced age." :D The thought of a cave or other thing like that sends me OVER THE EDGE. Gah, drama much?


  1. Seems like if it is your wrist they could do something other than a whole MRI that sucks your whole body in! And when I had to be checked for kidney/gallstones they did it with a ultrasound like you have when you are pregnant! Good thing it wasn't a pregnancy ultrasound because they counted past 8! I know I wouldn't make it in an MRI!

  2. Ick. Those sound scary, I always see bad things happen in MRI machines when I watch Greys/ER/insert favorite medical drama here and they freak me out too. I don't blame you but I'm glad you're alright! Seriously, girl, they better be finding a reason for the wrist pain, and stat!

  3. Ugh. I suffer from really bad migraines, and when I was growing up, I had to endure more than one MRI to ensure that I (still) didn't have a brain tumor. NOT FUN. The only thing worse than being stuck in that tube and not being able to move? Spending the whole time hoping you don't have a freaking BRAIN TUMOR. Not fun!!!

  4. Thats messed up.. You should check around ATL for and OPEN MRI.. It is more non coffin like


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