Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Picture Dump

I have seen several people do this lately, and what with a pregnant brain/lack of quality sleep/lack of motivation, I decided to join in and "empty" some photos from my iPhone.  So they don't look stellar, but they are cute!

 I like blue cheese.

 I rest my feet on my portable DVD player in the car cause I'm a gangster like that.

 Naked baby wearing a gingerbread apron. Soooo cute!

Clothed baby wearing the apron.

Eating a carb fest at Mimi's Restaurant!

 All of the junk we had to pack for Christmas vacay.

 First time eating chocolate pudding.

The sock monkey Mrs. Kris got me for Christmas!
It has adoption papers and everything!
 Eating a tortilla shell that had mommy's lettuce/tomato/sour cream in it.

The giftcard wreath my class gave me!

What have you been doing lately? Go through your phones and share!

And PS, Merry almost Christmas!!


  1. The wreath is such a cute idea! Are ya'll in Bham? Merry Christmas!

  2. Wreath is a great idea. I did a card tree several years ago and I've also hung garland on a doorway and hung cards from it. Think I'll try it again next year. Merry Christmas!

  3. Your pics are wonderful! Cannot wait to see the Edwards in person!!

  4. Oh i love it! She is so cute in that apron! What does she think about Christmas? How are you feeling? Love you!!

  5. That wreath is GENIUS!!!

    And how cute is that lil' nekkid hiney in an apron??? I die!

  6. I like the wreath, the cute kid, the Christmas presents and the kid bein' a gangsta.

    Also, the nekkid kid is pretty cute too.


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