Friday, December 10, 2010

Weekend To Do List

Just typing those words in regards to my weekend reminds me of b.e.g. and her lofty goals.

Here is what needs to happen this weekend.

*Get Christmas tree
*Decorate Christmas tree
*Find elf and take it to school so I don't commit a DDM-my kids are insane
*Buy an ornament for the school ornament exchange
*Read the 3 Star mags on my nigh table
*Finish the third book in the Hunger Games series-that I started over Thanksgiving break-for the love
*Start The Girl Who...... series
*Go to the library and get the 1st book
*Make a weekly menu
*Grocery shop
*Make a week's worth of food
*Sleep in on Saturday and Sunday ;)
*Get out all Christmas decorations and put them out for the 7 days we are here
*Get camera card/edit pictures/take to Target and make Christmas cards
*Address and mail Christmas cards by Monday

I'm sure I'll add 18 more things to the list before it's done.

Update on what I achieved by Monday. I know, you can't wait!


  1. Please add the following to your list:
    (1). Send love (or call) your Mother.
    (2). Send your Mother a list of Christmas wishes for Jason, yourself, and Princess Emma.
    (3). Call (or send love) to your Mother.
    (4). Sleep in on Sat. and Sun. and nourish MY grandchild!
    (5). Remember that your Mother loves you dearly!

  2. HA! Your mama is hilarious in the way that only mamas can be! And your list is redonk, gf, absolutely redonk! I love it! I will be right there with you doing the Christmas to-do' big ol' box of cards is chilling in front of me...calling my name!

    Love ya!

  3. That is DEF a lofty list for a mom of toddler who is also preggo! Good Luck! Report back with progress!

  4. I've GOT to get some Christmas shopping done this weekend, but I'm feeling like a run over possum on the side of the road right now. My allergies are killing me. So if you could send me some of your energy, that'd be FABULOUS!!

  5. "So I don't commit a DDM" lol!!! Good luck!


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